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On Britannia - Issue #34

On Britannia
Monday 12th July, by Jackson Scott
Good morning from all of us here at the Council on Geostrategy. We hope the weekend was great for all and here a some of the headlines.

Leading the Agenda
China is looking to set restrictions on Chinese companies listed overseas.
The Chinese government wants to start setting restrictions on the Chinese companies that Americans profit from. This could complicate the economic relationship between China and America.
The United States emphasizes its commitment to protecting the Philippines against China.
Antony Blinken, United States Secretary of State, says the US will defend the Philippines due to a 70-year old agreement. The South China Sea has seen recent activity because of China. The Philippines claim China is trying to intimidate its coast guard.
The Head of the Armed Forces says to not count Afghanistan out yet.
General Sir Nick Carter made a statement after Boris Johnson voiced concerns about the current situation in Afghanistan. General Sir Nick Carter spoke on the fact that Afghanistan is much better off than it was when Britain first arrived there in 2001.
Under the Radar
News from the World: The Taliban have taken important border crossings and claim to have taken 85% of the country due to the departure of United States.
News from Parliament: Boris Johnson declared the new policy toward Afghanistan citizens who are endangered, saying they can be relocated to the UK. He also highlighted the great strides the UK has made in Afghanistan since 2001.
News from the Think Tank World: Chatham House recently released a paper about how the European Union is reluctant to work with the U.S. in regard to combatting China.
Council on Geostrategy: This Thursday on 15 July we are hosting an event discussing the future Minsk Accords and how Ukraine can overcome Russian aggression.
Over and out
That is all from us here at the Council on Geostrategy. We hope you all have a great start to the week and we will see you Thursday.
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