On Britannia

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On Britannia - Issue #32





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On Britannia
Monday 5th July, by Jackson Scott
Good morning, events in the Middle East took place the last few days in regard to Afghanistan, so that is the big headline for today.

Leading the Agenda
China is planning on investing money into Afghanistan and further their influence in the region
With the USA and allies leaving the country in the coming months, China wants to invest in Afghanistan financially and try and have their influence present in the area. China was not fond of the USA and their allies’ presence in Afghanistan but is also worried about terrorists and rebels rising up and causing instability in the Xinjiang region. China reportedly came to an agreement with the Afghani government and Taliban leaders about to how the stability of the country in the near future.
The US government is looking into cyber attacks that they say could have Russian links.
A series of cyber attacks ahead of America’s Independence Day were carried out, attacking many American businesses. President Joe Biden made a statement saying they are not certain who is behind the attacks.
The WWF says the UK must cut its environmental footprint by 75% by 2030
WWF says in order help nature recover, the UK must decrease their environmental footprint. The WWF says actions like recycling and reducing waste can make this a reality. The WWF says “irreversible changes” may take place if no action is taken.
Under the Radar
US Military must leave Afghanistan or there will be consequences says the Taliban - U.S. Military forces are set to leave by 11 September 2021, the twenty year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.
News from Parliament - The government declines the proposal from the BEIS Committee that have to do with reviewing mineworker’s pensions to make sure they are fair.
News from the think tank world - The International Institute for Strategic Studies published a paper on 28 June 2021 about 15 countries and their cyber power.
News from the Council on Geostrategy - We released an article by William Young discussing the Amazon waste scandal and how they have been destroying 130,000 items a week.
Over and out
That is all for today from the Council of Geostrategy. We will see you all Thursday!
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