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Newsletter - March Issue

Newsletter - March Issue
By Erik • Issue #2 • View online

Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell
James Baird
Six threads better than a college degree:
Essays That Became Books — Joseph Wells
Stop Stressing About Inflation - The Big Picture Videos
Hitler and Winston Churchill sing video killed the radiostar
#104 Nir Eyal: Mastering Indistraction — The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish — Overcast
Jeremy Grantham - A Historic Market Bubble – [Invest Like the Best, EP.214] — Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy — Overcast
#105 Seth Godin: Failing On Our Way To Mastery — The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish — Overcast
Dr. Campbell Harvey: DeFi, Gold, Crypto & Undefeated Record of Yield Curve Indicator — The Investors First Podcast — Overcast
#241 — Final Thoughts on Free Will — Making Sense with Sam Harris — Overcast
Werner Herzog on Chickens
Nothing new, always fun.
Nothing new, always fun.
Paul Graham
Congratulations, Substack, on your graduation from "then they laugh at you" to "then they fight you."
#122: The Reign Of Keynes, Part I - Zach Carter — The Jolly Swagman Podcast — Overcast
Yuval Noah Harari: Lessons from a year of Covid | Free to read | Financial Times
John Cochrane on Economic Puzzles and Habits of Mind — Conversations with Tyler — Overcast
Nigeria, You Win! (Update) — Planet Money — Overcast
My Home Office 8-Piece Playset| Pretend Play| Fisher Price
Meng Wanzhou is still under arrest - Marginal REVOLUTION
#504: Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum, on Understanding Ethereum, ETH vs. BTC, ETH2, Scaling Plans and Timelines, NFTs, Future Considerations, Life Extension, and More (Featuring Naval Ravikant) — The Tim Ferriss Show — Overcast
Air Pollution Kills Far More People Than Covid Ever Will - Bloomberg
What Networks Whisper - David Perell
Dan Carlin
A road to hell...and of course the much remarked smell as you got closer isn't even an aspect of the film footage. Ypres by 1917 was as bad as any of the battlefields in either world war got I'd imagine.
Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and the media mistreatment of young female stars in the early 2000s - The Washington Post
The Grumpy Economist: The puzzle of Europe
Episode 38: Billy Strings — Comes A Time — Overcast
One Year Alone in Forest of Sweden | Building Log Cabin like our Forefathers
Why Hasn't Effective Altruism Grown Since 2015? | Applied Divinity Studies
You’ve Heard of Ghost Kitchens. Meet the Ghost Franchises. - The New York Times
Age of distractions or how to calmly enjoy what you are doing in 2021
Full article: Give a dog a bone: Spending money on pets promotes happiness
Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images | Scientific Reports
The UX on this Small Child Is Terrible - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
#94 – Ezra Klein on aligning journalism, politics, and what matters most — 80,000 Hours Podcast with Rob Wiblin — Overcast
How to Think About Inflation (and Other Stuff) With Jim Bianco — Trillions — Overcast
What has the New York Times got against Ayaan Hirsi Ali? | The Spectator
Good Time Show: The NFT Episode — a16z Live — Overcast
Personality trait predictors of adjustment during the COVID pandemic among college students
You Asked For Shots, Tuna, Metal, and Money — Planet Money — Overcast
#154 - Steve Levitt, Ph.D.: A rogue economist’s view on climate change, mental health, the ethics of experiments, and more — The Peter Attia Drive — Overcast
Which Are the World's Most Innovative Countries? - The Big Picture
How Lucky Was Your Birth Year? - The Big Picture
On The Experience of Being Poor-ish, For People Who Aren't - Resident Contrarian
Episode 193 — Sovereign Podcasters — Exponent — Overcast
Sarah Parcak on Archaeology from Space — Conversations with Tyler — Overcast
A Hunger Inside You: Your Vibrator Can Now Update You On The Status Of Your Food Delivery | ZeroHedge
#506: Balaji Srinivasan on The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, How to Become Noncancelable, the Path to Personal Freedom and Wealth in a New World, the Changing Landscape of Warfare, and More — The Tim Ferriss Show — Overcast
In São Paulo Main Water Reservoir – Fubiz Media
Photographer Shoots Dark Portraits of Boys Fishing on Ghana's Lake Volta
Dollar Street - photos as data to kill country stereotypes
TIP342: The Future of Food w/ Billionaire Jim Mellon — We Study Billionaires - The Investor’s Podcast Network — Overcast
Jake Gyllenhaal performs an excerpt from Sea Wall / A Life | Live from Here with Chris Thile
BREAKDOWN: Can Crypto Create Cultural Revolutions? — CoinDesk Podcast Network — Overcast
Maine marijuana markets in everything those new service sector jobs - Marginal REVOLUTION
Photographer Shoots Dark Portraits of Boys Fishing on Ghana's Lake Volta | PetaPixel
Jeremy Snell
Jeremy Snell
In São Paulo Main Water Reservoir
Brilliant Maps for Curious Minds: 100 New Ways to See the World by Ian Wright
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