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Collectanea - Issue #4

Collectanea - Issue #4
By Erik • Issue #4 • View online
Prosperity edit - Did some changes on the site. Changed servers, a whole ordeal. Some links are broken, but it’s all on the website, so you can still find them.
As you might have noticed the name changed. To give me more freedom in how and what I can publish, I’ve decided to make a new website. A commitment to writing more around the links and some original content.
The new website is It’s not 100% finished, but it’s getting there. I hope you check it out.
This newsletter will be posts from Collectanea. And I intend for it to be updated more frequently than the previous monthly schedule.
Please check out the site. Feedback is always appropriated!

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir
CGI interiors
Fighting Polar Bears
Patents are Not the Problem! - Marginal Revolution
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By Erik

Welcome to Collectanea!
Here, I gather passages, remarks, and other pieces of collected items from things I read. This is a newsletter based on my site, The site is the place where I collect the very best thoughts I find in books, blogs, podcasts, and articles I come across.

I hope you'll find some gems here.

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