The Global AI awakening & A notorious AI launch party

The Global AI awakening & A notorious AI launch party We start with the best article of the week:
City AI
The Global AI awakening & A notorious AI launch party
By City AI • Issue #8
The Global AI awakening & A notorious AI launch party 
We start with the best article of the week: the great AI awakening. Read how machine learning is destined to reinvent computing itself. But how do machines actually learn? Data. And there’s a shortage of that. Thought AI is al serious? Learn how an AI launch party got completely out of hand. 
Seriously. We found strategies for startups to get data. We address financial prediction using AI. Spoiler: not just numbers, AI can now predict movie scenes. Can you build AI systems with coders you never met? 
Local news: What’s going on around the globe? We have 3 events coming in January 2017, including Berlin, Stockholm and the newest city to join our network: Sofia.
We regret not having attended any notorious AI parties lately.
Enjoy the read.

What made buzz this week
The great A.I. awakening
Learn How Google used artificial intelligence to transform Google Translate, one of its more popular services — and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself.
Where should machines go to learn?
AI and ML systems need more information from which to learn and right now everyone is building their own. More groups should just focus on building just the underlying data asset.
The most notorious AI launch party to date
Read the fascinating story about a launch party that was terminated by police and why the AI hype lead to the creation of the ultimate fake AI company. 
Applied Artificial Intelligence
10 data acquisition strategies for startups
An interesting discussion of the myriad methods in which startups may choose to acquire data, often the most overlooked and important aspect of a startup’s success (or failure).
The simple economics of machine intelligence
Prediction is about to get way cheaper. Machine intelligence is, in its essence, a prediction technology, so the economic shift will center around a drop in the cost of prediction.
Using anonymous coders to built your fund
Meet Richard Craig,  a South African who runs a hedge fund in San Francisco. Or rather, he doesn’t run it. He leaves that to an AI system built by several thousand data scientists. 
Spoiler alert: AI can predict how scenes will play
A new breakthrough in video processing. A new AI system generates short videos that are similar to how humans can visually imagine how a scene will evolve. 
Google AI invents it's own language: the movie
Remember the hype around Google AI’s inventing it’s own encryption? It has been summarised in a wonderful animation that you can easily share amongst those who are unfamiliar. 
AI events in January 2017 - Sofia AI Launch
Get your tickets here!
Get your tickets here!
Sofia AI is taking place. According to Elitsa Panayotova, CEO of Sofia Tech Park, Sofia has been in a leading position for developing the startup ecosystem in South Eastern Europe for the last 2-3 years. Sofia AI has been made possible by the combined efforts of local market experts, Evelin Velev, George Stoyanov, and Pavlina Desheva, with the support of Hacker.Works.
Berlin AI – 11 January
Active around Berin?  Our next event is coming early January 2017. Frederik Eichelbaum is the founder of Berlin AI, are you an AI interest or startup? Please get in touch.
Stockholm AI – 18 January
Active in the Nordics? Stockholm AI is preparing their second event aswel. Roelof Pieters is leading the local chapter, please reach out to him for similar reasons! 
Major City AI Announcements
We at City have awoken. Given the launch story, is there a hype that is getting out of hand? We leave that to you. We pointed out the problem of data, how to acquire it, economics and AI spoiler alerts.
Inspired by Berlin, Stockholm or Sofia? Launch your city today.
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