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City AI - Winners, Failures and Investments

City AI - Winners, Failures and Investments Once again we face outstanding expectations for investmen
City AI
City AI - Winners, Failures and Investments
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City AI - Winners, Failures and Investments
Once again we face outstanding expectations for investment in the AI market, triggering government interest. But seriously, as it is with any business, AI or not - there are winners and failures. We show you which. Stephen hawking wrote an interesting column comparing AI to the industrial revolution. On the applied side, a team of students has just created top-notch facial recognition aimed at security while google translate created “it’s own language” to understand other languages. Excited, but where do you start if you wish to work with Machine Learning? Last but not least, we show you the top 20 AI deals of 2016 and the predictions and current standing of the AI long-term growth market.
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What made buzz this week
Congress: What to do in a world run by AI
Top 10 AI failures of 2016
Stephen Hawking: AI & the middle class
Applied Artificial Intelligence
AI has learned how to pick criminals by their faces
The AI behind translate did something awesome
Intelligence in mobile applications
Biggest 20 AI deals of 2016
How top AI stocks are performing in 2016
Major City AI Announcements
That was a bit more serious than usual. AI is attracting worldwide interest and raising the voice of internationally recognised people such as the American Congress and Stephen Hawking. We can now auto-identify criminals and translate others languages much better than before. Last, we show that that the investment & startup landscape is growing exponentially. 
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