City AI - The potential of Machine Learning & Driver's Test in 2025

City AI - The potential of Machine Learning & Driver's Test in 2025Google's chief states digital
City AI
City AI - The potential of Machine Learning & Driver's Test in 2025
By City AI • Issue #5
City AI - The potential of Machine Learning & Driver’s Test in 2025
Google’s chief states digital education is the answer to the AI taking jobs discussion. AI will transform many industries. But it’s not magic. Seriously. Many people that talk about AI in 2016 are actually referring to Machine Learning (ML). What ML can and can’t do. Tired of reading? We give you the 10 best podcasts on ML to date. Besides ML, we present you an excellent infographic on chatbots. Scared of spiders? Deep learning might remove your fear in the future. More on healthcare and the AI revolution. So spark up your Sunday: how will a driver’s test look like when we have self-driving cars?
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What made buzz this week
AI beating humans? Not soon, says Google chief
The head of Google’s cloud business says she doesn’t expect machine intelligence to exceed that of humans during her lifetime, despite recent rapid progress that has surprised many.
What AI Can and Can’t Do
Lately, media has portrayed AI in a rather unrealistic fashion. This article clears the fog: If a task takes you less than one second of thought, a machine can probably do it.
Problems AI will solve the coming 5-10 years
Great article on the difference between Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine learning(ML.) Many people that talk about AI in 2016 are referring to ML, but what can it actually do?
Applied Artificial Intelligence
The 10 best AI & ML podcasts
It seems like AI, data science, machine learning and bots are some of the most discussed topics in tech today. Here is a great overview of some of the best podcasts out there.
An overview of the bot landscape
Chatbots are everywhere. From fixing your agenda to booking tables for dinner or taking care of annoying customers, check this great infographic. Are bots your new best friend?
New AI technique could erase fear from your brain
Great article on fear & using AI/Neural techniques to dissolve it. Imagine if your fear of spiders, heights or confined spaces vanished, leaving you with a neutral & calm feeling.
Healthcare and the AI revolution
The impact of the AI revolution on the healthcare industry. AI-based solutions can provide expert insight and analysis on a massive scale, at a relatively low cost, given open data. 
So, the big day huh?! Hey friend — the name’s Cliff, and I’ll be your driving instructor. Just relax, remember your virtual reality exercises, and I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Mind if I smoke? 
Major City AI Announcements
Seems easy to me. According to Google, AI won’t beat us that fast. So enjoy your Sunday. We presented you the potential of ML and a fair prediction of it’s capabilities in the near future. Excellent podcasts and a infographic on all those chatbots out there. Neuroscience & AI keep shedding light on new topics and continuously improve healthcare. And we gave you an idea on the future of the driver’s test in a self-driving cars driven world.
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Written from a self-driving car near you,
Remco Veenenberg & City AI

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