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🤖 [CITY.AI] - The European AI Landscape
By City AI • Issue #28 • View online
🔥 The headliner of the week is a comprehensive piece by Asgard on the entire European landscape - with London far beyond followed by Berlin and Paris. With that being said we have an awesome announcement: we will start featuring guest curators from next week with the first star being from London - scroll down to find out more! 😈 

Check out the awesome piece by Asgard.VC
Check out the awesome piece by Asgard.VC
This week: Andrew NG’s new deep learning courses. 🔥 Why AI needs you instead of your job. DeepMind: AI and Neuroscience. Applied: why non-tech needs to start investing in AI. Prodigy: a new tool for efficient machine learning and a great piece by Hackernoon on the hierachy of needs within AI.
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What made buzz this week
Deep learning courses by Andrew NG
AI needs you but not your job
AI and Neuroscience: A virtuous circle
Applied Artificial Intelligence
Non-tech making AI investments
Radically efficient machine teaching
The AI Hierarchy of needs
Programme of World Summit AI announced
Check the agenda with all 4 tech giants Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon
Check the agenda with all 4 tech giants Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon
Announcing guest contributions
We are proud to announce a series of guest contributions on the coming editions of our newsletter starting with Catalina Butnaru, our UK AI ambassador. Having experience with incubation and being a strong local player in London’s tech ecosystem, she will shred a unique light on the #1 AI hub of Europe 😎
Upcoming events in August:
13th of August - Taipei - get your tickets now.
17th of August - Singapore - get your tickets now.
23th of August - Sao Paulo - more information soon.
That’s it folks!
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