City AI - Synthetic Intelligence and optimism for 2017

It's been a rather "fresh" start for 2017...I'm talking about the weather in Central Europe. When it
City AI
City AI - Synthetic Intelligence and optimism for 2017
By City AI • Issue #10
It’s been a rather “fresh” start for 2017…
I’m talking about the weather in Central Europe. When it comes to AI, it’s been raining optimistic predictions. Will 2017 be the year in which we’ll see intelligent robots?  This week we offer a personal interview with Peter Norvig of Google, in Forbes. Talking Google, we present DeepMind’s work of 2016 in a round-up. The 3 machine learning articles ranging from new techniques to a complete business guide and programming languages are seriously worth reading. With AI around the globe, we present you the UK AI startup scene, news from Germany’s Chatbot conference and the European perspective on these developments.
We have more and more cities joining our community and upcoming events  - so be sure to check the announcements!
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What made buzz this week
Predicting 2017: Synthetic Intelligence
The transition to a new year is always a blend of anxiety and optimism, but to look ahead: 2017 might just turn out to be Synthetic AI’s rise. 
AI Pioneers: Peter Norvig, Google
Peter Norvig, Director of Research, shares lessons and insights from his three decades of researching and teaching AI at Google.
DeepMind’s work from 2016:
Deepmind’s founders look back at an exciting year, including the publication of two Nature papers, the success of AlphaGo, and real world impact.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
'Transfer learning': New AI projects
Transfer learning can help scientists mitigate the risks of machine learning predictions in any problem susceptible to highly improbable events. 
Algorithms for Business Applications
Guide: current landscape of machine learning algorithms, how they work, example applications, and how other companies use them.
Most Popular Programming Languages
With the ever increasing interest & popularity of data science, we present you a (bit older) but relevant landscape of the most useful languages.
AI around the globe
Artificial Intelligence in the UK
Today we are in the early stages of the global artificial intelligence revolution. Read about the UK AI landscape and learnings from 226 startups.
How Europe is missing out on chatbots
Even though the market for chatbots is still young, Europe seems to be lagging behind. Ethical issues, privacy and the fear of failure halt it’s growth.
Germany's ChatbotConf 2016 quotes
Interesting quotes from the German Chatbot conf. including our own Initiator Christoph Auer Welsbach: “Let machines do what they can best
City AI Community Events
Upcoming events from our community:
- Stockholm AI - 18 January by Roelof Pieters
- Sofia AI - 26 January by Hacker.Works
- Budapest AI - 17 February by Attila Agod
- Amsterdam AI - 28 February by Simona Nickmanova
- Bucharest AI - 2 March by Tudor Stanciu
That’s it. Predictions, machine learning and chatbots aside - we hope you enjoyed our third newsletter of 2017.
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Written in a rather chilly -22 in Sofia,
The City AI team
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