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City AI Digest: We are playing with AI. We love it.Seriously. We at City love Applied AI. And cities.
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City AI - Playing with AI. We love it. Our new site is live.
By City AI • Issue #4
City AI Digest: We are playing with AI. We love it.
Seriously. We at City love Applied AI. And cities. However, we couldn’t get around it, this week, meet the AI that predicted Trump. Read about the 6 ways technology will redefine society & traditional management: tasks will become more human. We present you the absolute best article containing all news sources on AI. If this is not enough, visit Google’s Machine Learning digital playground. AI will enable us to zoom in to photos without losing quality. Imagine how a visit to an AI-suitable hospital will look like? On the psychological front, AI can now accurately predict suicidal behaviour in humans. Fascinating. This week we shred light on not just one city, but on City AI and invite you participate in your local community.
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What made buzz this week
Meet the AI the predicted Trump
By collecting and analyzing data points from social media, MogIA correctly predicted the last three US election results. But AI experts are cautious about giving too much credit to the tool
6 Big ways tech is rewriting society's rules
Everything becomes digital. Your job has a significant chance of being eliminated is one of them. However, according to SU abundance and will become a bigger issue than poverty
How AI will redefine management
AI will be cheaper, more efficient, and potentially more impartial in its actions than human beings. How does this affect managers? Change the focus to things only humans can do
Applied Artificial Intelligence
The non-techy guide to machine learning & AI
This article will provide you an overview of the best sources for AI related news, CEO’s to follow and events such as ours if you want to take a good, non-technical dive into the world of AI
Google lets you play with its experimental AI
Take a peek into Google’s experimental artificial intelligence research by using the interactive website. It’s fun, interactive and manages to really capture the essence of machine learning
Zooming without losing quality, finally!
Sending a picture to the computer and telling it to enhance the resolution has long been science-fiction. But with AI we are getting closer to doing this without losing picture quality
What a visit to an AI hospital might look like
We read it everywhere: AI is going to change everything in society. This article sheds light on something interesting: how will AI change a visit to the hospital?
Machine learning identifies suicidal behavior
With Machine learning & spoken or written words, new software tools can identify with great accuracy whether a person is suicidal, mentally ill but not suicidal, or neither
Join our global network today
The current pace of development within AI is fascinating. We are excited to announce that City AI has just launched in a selection of new cities, including Sofia, Hamburg, and many others. On top of that, the entire network can be viewed at our brand new website. If your city is not yet active, or you would like to get in touch with a local City AI chapter, please visit the website and get in touch with us. Our network is ever growing, and we’d be delighted if more people become part of our vision.
But seriously. That’s it for now. We shed light on prediction and it’s relation to human prediction. The 6 big changes tech will bring. The best overview of sources on AI so far, an AI playground for your Sunday afternoon, fascinating tools for photo editing and a imaginative tour through an AI hospital. And last but not least: AI & mental health. That’s quite human.
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