🤖 [CITY.AI] - Our first medium publication

🔥 Very excited to hear your feedback on our first piece.
City AI
🤖 [CITY.AI] - Our first medium publication
By City AI • Issue #22
🔥 Very excited to hear your feedback on our first piece.

This week: an excellent interview with Nvidia’s CEO. Facebook to launch parlAI & Google launching their AI portal. But more important, we found a complete site dedicated to help you start applying AI 🚀. Opinion: why AlphaGo is not really AI. All the slides from Information Architecture summit and 3 articles from our community.
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Artificial Intelligence: hype vs. application
At City.AI we want to enable more people to apply AI globally. We work with ambassadors to identify the leading practitioners in their city and encourage them to share their lessons learned.
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What made buzz this week
Nvidia CEO: AI will eat software
Jensen Huang predicts that health care and autos are going to be transformed by artificial intelligence, but AI will eat software. 
Google: AI can meaningfully improve people’s lives and that the biggest impact will come when everyone can access it. 
Facebook launches ParlAI
Facebook announced plans to launch a testing environment in which AI researchers and bot makers can share and iterate on other’s work.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
The great AI playbook
“How do I get started with artificial intelligence?” and “What can I do with AI in my own product or company?” This site answers the questions.
Why AlphaGo is not AI
“There is no AI without robotics,” argued the author, Jean-Christophe Baillie, founder and president of Novaquark. 
All the slides from the 2017 IA Summit
The 2017 Information Architecture Summit was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from March 22–26, 2017. 
Community Updates
Notes from the first CITY.AI Bucharest
Disruption and change are the new normal. Bucharest salutes their first local applied AI focused community.
Chatbots in the financial industry
Excellent piece on the increasing popularity of chatbots in the financial and banking sector by Sohan Maheshwar - ambassador Bangalore AI.
Opinion piece from André M. König co-founder of Opentopic & New York AI ambassador on the doubts raised recently wether Watson is actually intelligent or perhaps even a joke. 
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