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[CITY.AI] - NVIDIA, DeepLearning & Ethics
By City AI • Issue #18

(credits go to the always funny CBInsights)
(credits go to the always funny CBInsights)
#bacon for sure!
This week: get to know the awesome team behind DeepMind. Seriously -watch the short film by the Guardian on ethics with AI. Baidu becomes one of the largest AI players. Now the real question:What comes around when you want to launch an AI startup? Furthermore, challenges with Chatbots & Googles new super AI.
Dont forget to check out the amazing NVIDIA presentation on GPUs & DeepLearning and throw your eye onthe hottest line-up you ever seen:SUMMIT AI!
Almost weekend, almost
What made buzz this week
Behind google DeepMind
Ideas rather than products are the focus at this London-based AI company. Learn more about the organisational culture of the leading DL business.
Ethics & Superintelligent AI
Can we teach AI about the laws that keep it from hurting us? Watch this funny & original short film recently released by The Guardian.
Baidu goes all in on AI
The Chinese company has more than 1,300 people working on tech like deep learning. Baidu is becoming one of the largest players on the market.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
So you want to launch an AI startup?
Check this great set of slides released by the Oxford AI society talks on the basics of launching an AI startup.
Challenges with Chatbots
Your users and visitors dont want complex functionality, they want what they need to buy the best outfit or order the food they like.
Google's new super fast AI
One of the big problems in Artificial Intelligence is the gigantic amount of GPUs (or computers) needed to train large networks.
5 Easy steps to DeepLearning by NVIDIA
Last week we were at the presentation by Ralph Hinsche, Business Development Manager for Higher Education & Research at NVIDIA, showcasing five easy steps to get started with DeepLearning.
Hottest line-up you've seen so far: SUMMIT AI
(October 10-12 in Gashouder Amsterdam)
(October 10-12 in Gashouder Amsterdam)
IBM Watson, Uber AI Labs, Amazon, Intel, eBay, Netflix, Samsung, Volkswagen, Microsoft Ventures, Vodafone, Booking.com shall I continue? Check the website to see who else will be in da house in October. Join other members & speakers from our community and buy your ticket before the prices go up! Startup/Academic/Student ticket still for199玲
Thats it folks!
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Written from (really!!) sunny Amsterdam,
Remco & The City AI team
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