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Trying to get Tensorflow recognise a cat
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[CITY.AI] - Nordic AI, Summit AI & General AI
By City AI • Issue #15
Trying to get Tensorflow recognise a cat

Almost! :)
This week, preparing for Amsterdam AI event in the worlds most sustainable building.DeepMind just published a breakthrough paper. Bill Gates thinks robots should pay taxes (starting with Microsoft?). How is China doing in the AI market? Furthermore news from Elons Open AI. Trends in Machine Learning and things to consider before launching another AI startup.
Awesome announcements:Discounted tickets for Summit AI exclusively for CITY.AI community. Exciting updates from our friends at General AI Challenge and Nordic AI, Scandinavias AI community that is launching on the 7th of March!
The weekend is here. Mind giving us some attention? :)
What made buzz this week
We can imagine that in the future, we will have giant AIs trained on thousands of tasks and able to generalize. In short, General Artificial Intelligence.
If robots are going to take over human jobs, that means fewer people will be working, which in turn means fewer people will be paying taxes.
The countrys universities and tech giants are starting to surpass American ones when it comes to researching and implementing AI.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
OpenAI Demonstrates that failures in ML algorithms can lead to very different behaviour from what their designers intended.
Weve been reading a lot about the application of AI in marketing, finance and healthcare. But how is it changing the game within Human Resources?
The hype around AI machine learning has reached mythic proportions. commentators are calling AI the fourth industrial revolution.
Summit AI Discount
A discount code for Summit AI specially for our community only!
The tickets are 199EUR and the prices will go up to 1600EUR. Our community can purchase the tickets for 99EUR till next Friday midnight, so dont miss this unique chance!Click here to reserve your tickets.
Scandinavian AI festival: Nordic AI
It's invite only so use the chance! :)
NORDIC AI is calling all geeks! Dont miss their hardcore, hands-on deep learning workshop hosted by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and Persontyle on March 6th in Copenhagen. In collaboration with the Nordic.AI conference, this workshop is only 250 instead of 1500! Register here for one of the limited spots.
General AI Challenge Update
Our friends from General AI challenge had their first meetup last week in Tokyo, Japan. The meetup welcomed around 50 attendees who had the opportunity to learn more about the first challenge, participate in the discussion on how to approach it and form teams.
The next challenge meetup is scheduled in Prague for March 1st. All CITY.AI members are very welcome to join (& even better form a team and win the challenge! ;) More info here.

Awesome CITY.AI events last week
We had more than 3 events last week including Bangalore, Budapest & Tirana.Next week sparks Amsterdam AI, keep an eye on our social media for updates!
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See you in Amsterdam next week,
Remco & The City AI team

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