City AI - Issue #2

City AI Digest: Please get me one of those AI brewed beers. Seriously.I'm not kidding. Is it importan
City AI
City AI - Issue #2
By City AI • Issue #2
City AI Digest: Please get me one of those AI brewed beers. Seriously.
I’m not kidding. Is it important to understand error patterns outside of Human thinking? Watch the latest TED. How will creative computing disrupt the financial world? Talking financials, another record in AI investment with Q3 raising $958M in startups. The UK demonstrates effective AI policies. Microsoft comes up with core directives for the AI future. Very recently, AI based applications have made their way into everyday life. We now have an AI brewed beer. How awesome is that? But seriously, say goodbye to annoying streetlights. Last but not least: we turn our search light to Budapest: What’s up?
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What made buzz this week
In this ted, techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci explains how intelligent machines can fail in ways that don’t fit human error patterns – and in ways we won’t expect or be prepared for.
“I think [creative computing] is going to be profoundly disruptive societally in ways that forward-thinking Silicon Valley companies have figured out but the rest of us maybe haven’t"
To really understand the impact of artificial intelligence in the modern world, it’s best to think beyond the mega-research projects like those that helped Google recognize cats in photos.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
AI is hot amongst VC’s. Check out CBInsights excellent info graphs. Last quarter, 61% of the deals went to US startups; the rest went to countries like India, the UK, Germany & Israel.
The UK government has stimulated open data for years not just to support transparency but also to boost economic growth. Hot UK companies using AI include the Guardian & PWC.
The core directives of Artificial Intelligence, according to Microsoft: 1. AI should augment human abilities 2. AI should be trustworthy 3. AI should be respectful.
From beer to toys, smart technology is to be found everywhere. Very recently, there’s been an enormous increase in Applied AI applications aimed at everyday life.
The Artificial Intelligence revolutions keeps coming with brilliant solutions to very annoying everyday problems. One of them are those streetlights that keep you waiting and up your temper.
Hey Budapest, what's up?
Budapest AI took place the 26th of October at Mosaik - a local Startup Hub. It attracted more then 150 people, including most key-players & startups in the region.
meet AdasWorks: they develop ADAS, an autonomous driving software for self-driving cars, based on artificial intelligence, computer vision and sensor fusion. From Hungary!
Navega helps investors navigate uncertain markets by delivering transparent, risk-managed and low-cost solutions to long-term investment problems using AI based technology
That’s it folks. We’ve discussed the impact of the AI revolution on economic and financial matters. We see more dollars & deals each quarter, take example of effective government policies and say goodbye to annoying streetlights. And we can finally drink AI brewed beer. Alongside the Danube, Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic. See you next week & enjoy the weekend.
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