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[CITY.AI] - Futures & Changes
By City AI • Issue #17

Yeah right
This week: Preparing for the future with #AI. A robot that can read your thoughts,seriously. Googles big acquirement.Even biggeradvancements in NLP, the manipulation of algorithms and an interesting piece on how AI is changing almost every single organization.
Furthermore: Awesome community updates and an article on AI & IoT from a speaker at our Amsterdam AI event.
Now lets go kick some ass!
What made buzz this week
The biggest change in human history
Advanced AI could represent a profound change in the history of life on Earth, and should be planned for and managed with care.
A robot that can read your thoughts
Computers and their current capabilities are reaching beyond the imaginable: meet MITs near human-level interaction robot.
Google is acquiring a data community
Google is acquiring data science community Kaggle, the largest data science competition & hackathon platform in existence.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
The Art Of Manipulating Algorithms
Meet the AI nudge, a method of subtly persuading algorithms to change. Fascinating piece that might prove to be game-changing.
How AI is changing companies.
Artificial intelligence tools are only beginning to penetrate the workplace, but are causing leaders to rethink how their businesses run.
General AI Challenge Update
The General AI Challenge keeps growing strongly with more than 260 signups in less than one month since launch.The next meetup is coming up on Wednesday March 15th in Bratislava, Slovakia - learn more here.
CITY.AI Community Updates
From our third Amsterdam AI event on 28th of February
From our third Amsterdam AI event on 28th of February
Read the article on why the Internet of Things (IoT) needs an Artificial Intelligence (AI) brain, and why we all need digital personalities. Written with care by Adrian Kyle Blackwood, speaker at our event in Amsterdam.
Watch Amsterdam AI's third event
Amsterdam AIs third event took place on the 28th of February - if you havent watched it yet, its not too late!
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Written from Bratislava,
Remco & The City AI team
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