City AI - , Finance, Disruption and Deep Learning

Soon enough, I am hoping, an AI will write this newsletter!Jokes aside - we start off the week with a
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City AI - , Finance, Disruption and Deep Learning
By City AI • Issue #11
Soon enough, I am hoping, an AI will write this newsletter!
Jokes aside - we start off the week with a great overview of the most funded AI startups. IBM’s CEO urges that AI should not replace humans. How is AI creating new dislocations and opportunities in the tech job market? Listen to Peter Diamandis speaking about the 6D’s of Tech Disruption. Talking money, below you’ll find 3 excellent articles to warm you up, whether you’re a geek or a quant. Last but not least, check out our line-up of events from all over the world!
“DeepBach”, Bach by deep learning is waiting for you

What made buzz this week
From the always-delivering CB insights, these 100 startups have raised $3.8B in aggregate funding across 263 deals since 2012.
IBM’s CEO said artificial intelligence should be used to advance and augment humans, not replace them. She urges the use of transparency.
This is a great piece by AI investor Nathan Benaich. It includes applications, companies and researches to support the 6 different areas.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
How deep learning disrupted the global business world, and why it has evolved into a much more difficult and competitive environment.
No one knows how the AI market will look like in 12 months from now, but predictions from senior tech executives could help you imagine something.
Great podcast from the O’Reilly Data Show, Greg Diamos on how to built supercomputers to power and advance deep learning. 
Budapest AI: A warm up on AI in Finance
Great short talk with Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Innovate Finance, about how AI is the hottest topic in fintech right now. 
Relevant to fintech: Ben Goertzel and his company turned on a hedge fund that makes all its stock trades using AI—no human intervention required.
From The Practical Quant’s blog, a great piece on how to put deep learning into practice with new tools, frameworks, and future developments.
AI events, one city at a time.
For an overview, go to our new amazing portal at City AI
- Sofia AI - 26 January by Hacker.Works
- Budapest AI - 17 February by Attila Agod
That’s it. Jobs, numbers, predications and events aside - we hope you enjoyed our already fourth  newsletter of 2017.
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Going down with Deepbach,
The City AI team

Can you tell the difference between music composed by Bach and by a neural network?
Google argues that having an AI creating basic AI structures could lead to scientists having more time for complex and creative work.
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