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🤖 [CITY.AI] - Expanding to Asia - launch New York AI

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🤖 [CITY.AI] - Expanding to Asia - launch New York AI
By City AI • Issue #23 • View online
🐴 3 great news: check it out - we are expanding to Asia | everyone reading this newsletter gets 20% off the World Summit AI tickets 🚀 | CEO of will be at our NY event on June 12!

 Grab your tickets with code CAI20 at checkout
Grab your tickets with code CAI20 at checkout
🔥 This weekend: great criticism on Neuralink followed by a great essay on the “misinformation” hype related to AI & “superintelligence”. 🤖 Furthermore, a reality-check on the threat of automation for certain jobs. Unfortunately if playing Go is your job, Deepmind’s AlphaGo just defeated all top 5 players in a row. But seriously, don’t expect self-driving cars anytime soon. On the business side, find out what’s going on in Boston and it’s growing potential within the AI ecosystem.
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What made buzz this week
Don't believe Neuralink
Essay: When AI Gets too clever by half
When will AI pass human performance
Applied Artificial Intelligence
AlphaGo's next move
The long road for driverless cars
The AI scene in Boson
New communities & upcoming events
We are proud to announce that we’ve recently expanded towards Cluj, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Paris, Valencia in Europe; Bangkok, Hanoi, Pune, Taipei in Asia and Sao Paulo in South America!🎈
Keep an eye on our newsletter & site(s) for more information. 😎
Upcoming events in June:
- New York AI with the founder of X.AI - June 12th - tickets.
- Paris AI pre-event - Vivatech Paris 2017 - 15-17 of June.
- Bucharest AI 2.0 - 20th June - more information soon.
- Amsterdam AI 5.0 - 29th June - more information soon. 
In case you missed. AI: hype vs. application
That’s it folks!
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