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Alexa, when is the Singularity going to happen? "I don't have an answer to that question"I was expect
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By City AI • Issue #12
Alexa, when is the Singularity going to happen? “I don’t have an answer to that question”
I was expecting that. We start of with an exclusive interview with DARPA’s former boss on machines & humans. How is Elon going along with his cyborg plans? Sounds intense - therefore, we present you 7 ethical AI organisations to watch. Therefore, 10 hot AI technologies to watch in 2017. Predictions for NLP and why it’s awesome. Advancements in deep learning allow for skin cancer detection. How do the big banks deal with all the AI buzz? Last, how do you learn AI if you suck at maths?
This week - we have the full video of Sofia AI featured.
At the end, we got some nifty AI tools waiting for you!
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What made buzz this week
The merging of humans and machines
Interesting interview with the former boss of the organisation that gave you the internet, DARPA on the merging of humans, AI and machines.
Elon Musk's AI plans
Elon Musk isn’t joking when he is talking about a Neural lace - the first concept of a cortical interface SpaceX and Tesla’s CEO takes very seriously. 
Ethical AI: 7 organisations to watch
With AI development growing at a rapid rate, ethical issues on it’s applications and implications in the near future are becoming more important.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
Top 10 hot AI technologies
Based on Forrester’s analysis in its latest TechRadar report, here’s Forbes list of the 10 hottest AI technologies of the current moment.
NLP in 5 years
An exciting time to be an entrepreneur, with so much opportunity coming in the next few years in A.I., and specifically around natural language.
AI could check your skin for cancer
Stanford researchers create a machine-learning algorithm that performs just as well as dermatologists in detecting skin cancer.
How the major banks use AI
How are banks using AI and data technologies in an attempt to safeguard themselves from the rising tide & maintain a buoyant financial system?
Learning AI if you suck at math
This article struck me personally - how can you dig deeper into neural networks, ML or even Tensorflow if you fail at mathematics? 
City AI Community
Sofia AI vol 1 - 26 Jan
Watch the full video of Sofia’s AI gathering, organised by our partners at featuring top AI talent from Bulgaria
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Done! Humans, machines, ethics, applied AI and community events aside - we wish you all a wonderful start of the week.
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Nifty AI tools
Iris AI - Your science assistant
Iris AI will analyze the abstract of your research paper, present the key concepts, and link those with research papers. Check it out!
Magenta AI - Your creative AI
Magenta is a project devoted to music and art generation with machine intelligence. It is part of TensorFlow, an open source ML library.
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