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🤖 [CITY.AI] - Elon vs Mark

City AI
🤖 [CITY.AI] - Elon vs Mark
By City AI • Issue #27 • View online
🔥It looks like the two tech titans are arguing about AI’s impact on humanity - but what does the industry think? Andrew NG speaks about a few of his ideas, more importantly: share your opinion with us and vote in our poll, or join the live discussion at WS in Amsterdam this October 😈 

This week: Elon vs Mark. 🔥 Entrepreneur: they are both missing the point. Opinion: Andrew NG: worry more about losing your job than killer AI  🤖  Applied AI: the future of deep learning. How to sell AI to enterprises in Asia. Last but not least: an impression on the Swiss AI landscape.
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What made buzz this week
Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg
But they're both missing the point
Worry more about jobs than killer AI
Applied Artificial Intelligence
The future of deep learning
The realities of selling AI to enterprises
Switzerland’s AI Landscape
Community Updates
Bucharest's AI Ecosystem
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