City AI - Depth of Deep Learning & General AI Challenge

Talking with Jokebot:
City AI
City AI - Depth of Deep Learning & General AI Challenge
By City AI • Issue #13
Talking with Jokebot:

I admit: it made me laugh.
The full article on a standup-comedy bot can be found at the end. This week, Future of lifes principles on how to guide its development. Is AI a threat for religion? America is leading in AI startups. This week, depth of deep learning: how to deal with lack of data, watch a neural net play Atari games and learn more aboutGenerative Adversarial Networks.
Last but not least,Our friends at GoodAI will launch the General AI Challenge to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development. Read more about it in this edition.
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What made buzz this week
AI Principles - Future of Life Institute
The Future of Life institute releases the Asilomar AI Principles on how we should develop and guide AI in the near future. Inspiring material.
Is AI a Threat to Christianity?
Are you there, God? Its I, robot. First piece of its kind to draw lines between AI and religion, much as the scientific revolution did back in the day.
The United States of AI startups
Startups in 33 US states have raised funds to apply machine learning algorithms across industries including marketing, healthcare, and retail.
Applied AI: Depth of Deep Learning
NanoNets : DL with limited data
There has been a recent surge in popularity of Deep Learning like art and self driving cars, but how can you do this with limited data?
Watch AI play Atari games
Building AI is easier than ever before, thanks to new open-source tools. Quartz decided to tinker a little themselves by using OpenAIs Universe.
How do GANs intuitively work?
GANs or Generative Adversarial Networks are neural networks composed of 2 separate deep neural networks competing with each other.
General AI challenge
Our friends at GoodAI will launch the General AI Challenge to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development. The company will distribute $5mil in prizes among the various rounds of the multi-year Challenge.
The Challenge kicks off on February 15th with a 6-month warm-up round with $ 50,000 in prize money.
This round will call on teams and individuals to design an AI capable of gradual learning, or learning the way we humans do, allowing it to innovate solutions to new, complex tasks in less time.
Are you ready to push limits of machine intelligence? Follow @ai_challenge and dont miss the day they reveal the details and open the registration!
Upcoming City AI events
We have 2 exciting events coming this month, from our Amsterdam community and our new community: Bangalore!
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Written with a grin,
Remco & The City AI team

Can a Bot make you laugh?
A team managed to create a bot that is capable of humorous conversation that felt natural. Meet stand-up comedy bot!
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