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Current state of NLP
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[CITY.AI] - Democracy, Business & Startups
By City AI • Issue #16
Current state of NLP

Very clever Siri
This week: how will democracy react to the AI revolution? Meet the 50 companies leading it. But seriously,read how Alexa is involved in a murder case. On applied AI, read into the best use cases to date and view McKinseys 120 machine learning business ideas. Next: ever wondered how people interact with a chatbot? Meet the awesome Mica: the Hipster Cat Bot.
And have an amazing start of the week!
What made buzz this week
Will democracy survive AI?
We are in the middle of a technological upheaval that will transform the way society is organized. We must make the right decisions now
50 companies leading the AI revolution
A look at the 50 most promising global startups working with artificial intelligence and bringing the field to a next level
Murder case with Alexa
Opinion: An Arkansas legal case is testing whether Amazon can be forced to share information collected by Alexa with law enforcement.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
5 facts of users chatting with a cat
Meet Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot. The amazing team behind Mica in Vienna managed to analyse behaviour of 100.000 users
AI use cases
When talking about AI, the use cases often focus on success stories on chatbots in enterprises, but often overlook the failures and complex processes.
120 machine learning business ideas
Machine learning is on the edge of revolutionising these 12 sectors. Look at 120 interesting business ideas put together by McKinsey
General AI Challenge Update
The general AI challenge is going strong - with more than 190 signups and multiple events, we reflect on the New York meetup:
Tomas Mikolov, Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research and also member of the Challenge Advisory Board, was the speaker of the night and talked about Communication-based General Artificial Intelligence. You can find Tomas presentation here.
The GoodAI teams presentation about the Challenge is here.
Awesome CITY.AI events last week
Watch Amsterdam AI: When IoT gets an AI brain
Amsterdam AIs third event took place last week at the state of the art Deloitte Edge building.
Watch Singapore AI: First Edition of our most tropical community to date
Singapore AI is one of the newest chapters in our community run by Adelina Peltea & Victor Alexiev
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Written from Tel Aviv,
Remco & The City AI team
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