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🤖 [CITY.AI] #appliedAI vol 9 – Beirut Edition

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🤖 [CITY.AI] #appliedAI vol 9 – Beirut Edition
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🔥 What’s up, global AI practitioners? This month’s #appliedAI newsletter is curated by the Beirut AI team! 
Beirut AI is the first City AI hub initiated in the Middle East. Led by Christophe Zoghbi and  Nadine Saraff the first community meeting took place in end January, and now we cannot wait to tell you about it. 
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Launch of Beirut AI
In late January 45 technology enthusiasts, professionals, students, and corporates around the country gathered to discuss, share their thoughts and most importantly, to get a sense of how others are using AI to solve challenges in the real world. The launch event of Beirut AI was hosted by Touch Lab powered by Antwork, in Beirut Souks, and featured 2 speakers from totally different backgrounds.
Elie Kawerk, data scientist and machine learning practitioner, explained how he got started with data science and how anyone can start their own journey, simply by following few steps. Alexy Frangieh, visual artist and official Nikon ambassador, spoke about his involvement with AI in practice, which includes pattern deduction and semantically extracting images of a given similarity out of large sequences of photos.
Sounds interesting? Watch the two talks and the AI clinic session below. Want to learn from AI experts around the world? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch videos from our the world. 
#applied AI in Beirut
Transforming how we learn
People learn differently, at different speeds and with different starting points. Artificial intelligence could usher in a future where we all learn in a much more personalised way. But no education system in the world can afford a tutor for every child, so this is where AI steps in.
Augmental, a Lebanese startup provides an educational technology application initially targeting middle to high school students where course material is adapted to each students’ learning abilities using artificial intelligence and augmented reality.
Transforming how we communicate
More than 50% of enterprises will spend more on chatbots and bot creation as compared to the traditional mobile app development by 2021. Should we create our own algorithm or use existing frameworks?
Fig is a local startup that creates customized chatbots for businesses designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. It integrates seamlessly into the end user’s life empowering businesses to have realtime conversations with their customers.
Transforming how we live
We believe that AI brings new opportunities not only to big businesses but to the livelihoods of everyone else, and if implemented correctly, it can improve many people’s lives.
Another local startup, called TaQadam, allows companies to train image datasets for Artificial Intelligence through an optimized combination of computer and human cognition, maximizing social impact by outsourcing work to refugee youth, or what they like to call data trainers.
This startup has a strong social mission to reduce youth unemployment in Lebanon and Jordan and bring income generation opportunities to vulnerable host communities and refugees, focusing on youth and women. 
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