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🤖 [CITY.AI] - Applied Artificial Intelligence vol.2

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🤖 [CITY.AI] - Applied Artificial Intelligence vol.2
By City AI • Issue #30 • View online
🔥 The second edition of our Applied AI newsletter is featured by Catalina Butnaru -  UK AI Ambassador, IEEE Committee Member for Outreach and Wellbeing and VP Marketing at Reincubate.
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Advances in AI Ethics
Recent breakthroughs in affective computing and deep learning for facial recognition raise ethical concerns around privacy and use of AI for good. 
Computer scientist Ehsan Hoque designed an AI system that detects lies, hesitation and deception from smiles and other non-verbal indicators. Just a few days ago a Stanford research lab trained a neural network to identify sexual orientation by analysing facial images.
Are these advances breaking our trust-based relationship with technology or helping us be more honest and transparent with each other? 
Researchers, academia, and business leaders raise concerns around the necessity of regulating AI and formally training AI engineers in ethics and helping them design AI systems that protect human values. Another important point is that AI must be referred to as technology, not “pretend” to be human. 
Here’s a list of valuable resources in AI Ethics:
💵 Off the charts VC investment in AI
VC investments in AI skyrockets and is forecasted to reach $59.8 billion by 2025, following an upward trajectory in 2017, with leading investment hubs in the US, China and London. Over the past 7 days alone, we’ve seen roughly £100M invested in AI tech.
  • $2.5M for blockchain based conversational AI for healthcare startup 👩🏾‍⚕️
  • $5M raised by Augment for AI applications in customer support 📲
  • $9M cashed in by, a social robotics startup, from Fidelity Investments 🤖
  • $18M for Five.AI, autonomous driving car company based in Bristol, UK, also looking into applying machine learning to CCTV footage 🚘
  • $30M for Sophia Genetics, from London based VC Balderton Capital, for cancer prediction with AI ⚕️
  • $54M for Roobo, a Chinese home service robot company, from Seven Seas Partners 🏘️
If you’re keen to explore VC investment in the UK here are your options:
  • Forward Partners raised £60M just this month for applied AI
  • Atomico raised $165M this year to invest in tech startups tackling challenging problems. AI is on their radar
  • MMC Ventures invests in series A level startups
  • Cog Labs is an AI focused accelerator for early stage and seed stage cognitive businesses - will be launching this year
  • Entrepreneur First, recently backed by Reid Hoffman, is always supporting hi-tech and deep tech entrepreneurs
Here’s an excellent overview of all possible institutions, from incubators and angels to VCs, supporting AI startups right now.
💻 Applied AI lessons from UK AI
UK.AI - Applied lessons in artificial Intelligence, London Sept. 7 - YouTube
UK.AI - Applied lessons in artificial Intelligence, London Sept. 7 - YouTube
We heard from DigitalGenius, who deployed the Humans+AI Product in contact centres for KLM, TravelBirds, L’Oreal and Magoosh. Their product uses neural networks to pre-classify messages, pre-filling customer support responses and reduce repetitive customer support workload, while complex tickets were left to human agents.
Filament shared their insights in applying machine learning to various use cases, from training a chatbot to recognise asthma symptoms better for Think.Act.Breathe on behalf of Boehringer Ingelheim, to helping T-Mobile’s chatbot recognise user moods to strengthen its connection with users and provide more appropriate responses depending on these emotional indicators.
Giovanni Vacanti, Quantum Physicist and Data Scientist at Seldon, focused on explaining how machine learning algorithms work using matrix factorisation and the hybrid model (combines matrix factorisation with deep text learning) to create suggestions for users who have just started using a service. 
Towards the end of the evening we heard from Benedict Dellot, Associate Director at The RSA, who proposed the use of a modified Hippocratic Oath in AI, to help engineers and business create cognitive systems that protect human values.
Global Headlines
Ethics of AI - Christoph Auer-Welsbach
AI pioneer says we need to start over
Community update
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