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🤖 [CITY.AI] - Applied Artificial Intelligence vol.1

City AI
🤖 [CITY.AI] - Applied Artificial Intelligence vol.1
By City AI • Issue #29 • View online
🔥 Starting our guest curator series -  the first edition features Alexandra Petrus from Bucharest AI. And more - Yann LeCun to attend World Summit AI

Applied AI by Alexandra
Estonia offers ‘estcoins’ to e-residents
China plans for world domination in AI and has even developed its own digital currency. However, small Northern European country, Estonia, wants to raise money by issuing a token [‘estcoins’] and it seems to have a “clear advantage” due to its advanced tech infrastructure and e-residency programme. That’s what I like to call a great example of the idiom: Little strokes fell great oaks, it gives us all hope that small European countries can make a difference. New technology should benefit all.
🙊 Alexandra Petrus, your guest curator of this first series, is a New Tech Product Strategist & currently making it happen @123ContactForm, ex-VP Products @Reincubate, @WomeninAI Ambassador and Bucharest AI core Initiator, always on a mission to contribute to a better life and environment through tech. Particularly focused on applied AI use cases.
The Bucharest AI community is slowly but rapidly growing, having grown from zero on day one at the end of April this year, to 400+ members to date 👏. It’s approaching its fourth Meetup & has some exciting plans for this autumn, involving How to Web, Deep Mind and fantastic Local Spotlight Pitches & unconference setups. All to support and bring together like-minded AI enthusiasts, startups, businesses, ideas and contributing both on local and global level.
Vlad V., Bucharest AI member, says: “ Bucharest.Ai is a great place to take the pulse of AI and Machine Learning ”.
Cristian P, Bucharest AI member, says: “Excellent place to meet like-minded people ”.
Hot AI startups from Romania 
VisageCloud, offers in-cloud SaaS API or on-premise face recognition, and UI Path, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, recently raised $30 mil Series A led by Accel. 
2017: Best year yet for Romanian tech
💻 Lessons from Bucharest
Bogdan Bocse, Co-Founder @Visage Cloud shares his stand from the perspective of the AI startup he is building:
I not only think that machine learning will tamper with society and business in a manner of unprecedented disruption. I think society and business want and need that to happen.
As a market, machine learning is a bit of a Wild West now. Just like social media was in 2005 and mobile was in 2009. If you want to go deeper in this space, prepare yourself to repeatedly try/fail, binge learn and be resilient in finding the right tech-product market fit.
Prediction, pattern detection and matching, learning on edge computing, vision, natural language processing - they’re are ripe for the taking. So place your best bet and stick with it for at least a couple of years.
In my opinion, the key that unlocks the gate from machine learning to general artificial intelligence lies in finding the glue that ties the acquiring of data sets, the processing of data sets and the proof-of-work component from block-chain. That’s where the gold is.
Global headlines
Intel shows off the Movidius Myriad X
Trove's AI scans company emails
Community update
With an amazing line-up - including Yann LeCun, World Summit AI prices will increase by 100€ tonight at midnight! Don’t miss your chance to join the world’s largest gathering of AI explorers, from over 50 countries.
Book online using the City.AI community discount code for 20% off - CAI20. 
Interested in attending similar communities or events such as Bucharest AI? Check out our line-up for September:
Upcoming events in September:
7th of September - London - get your tickets now.
8th of September - Madrid 1.0 - get your tickets now.
13th of September - Valencia 1.0 - get your tickets now. 
13th of September: Hamburg 2.0: business meets Artificial Intelligence - get your tickets here
18th of September - Bucharest - more information soon.
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Curated with   ❤️  from Bucharest,
Alexandra & The City AI team
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