City AI: Applied AI Digest 1 Nov.

City AI: Greetings Berlin, are neural networks talking in secret? Google is experimenting with seein
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City AI: Applied AI Digest 1 Nov.
By City AI • Issue #1
City AI: Greetings Berlin, are neural networks talking in secret? 
Google is experimenting with seeing what happens if it allows three of its AI’s to use their own encryption, raising concerns about our ability to control neural networks. On top of that Obama expressed his fear of AI. Suspicious developments aside, we zoom in on one of the core mechanics, WTF is machine learning? On the business side, current trends indicate that there is an arms race going on for AI Startups. We give you an overview of the best funded.  Last but not least, there might be a blind-spot in AI research and it could pose a treat to us. 
Find out in the latest City Applied AI digest.

What made buzz this week
Google’s AI creates its own inhuman encryption
What happens when you tell two smart computers to talk to each other in secret and task another AI with breaking that conversation? 
Obama's concerned an AI could hack nukes
 “There could be an algorithm that said, ‘Go penetrate the nuclear codes and figure out how to launch some missiles,’” Obama says in an exclusive interview with our friends at Wired.
8 Ways how AI Will Change City Life by 2030
Every five years a panel of experts will assess the current state of AI and its future directions. Here’s how they think it will affect eight key domains of city life in the next fifteen years.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
WTF is machine learning?
It’s ok, even AI researchers are confused by what machine learning actually is. But is it that old that it actually dates back to Turing, old technology with a steep learning curve?
The arms race of giants for AI Startups
Nearly 140 private companies have been acquired by Corporate giants like Google, IBM, Yahoo, Intel, Apple and Salesforce, are competing in the race to acquire private AI companies.
The Most Well-Funded Startups  Core AI Tech
Sentient Technologies, working across fields including e-commerce, finance and healthcare, is the most well-funded AI startup on the list.
Microsoft hits a speech recognition milestone
The system has a “word error rate” of 5.9%, but 94 percent accuracy is more than good enough for conversation. Given the fact that translators also make mistakes…
Is there a blind spot in AI research?
Fears about the future impacts of artificial intelligence are distracting researchers from the real risks of deployed systems, argue Kate Crawford and Ryan Calo.
Hey Berlin, what's going on?
Introducing Berlin AI
Live close? Join your local Applied AI Community today. Berlin AI is made possible by Frederik Eichelbaum. Frederik is head of research at hy! and co-founder at Zipster
German's AI Research source:  DFKI
The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, with with a project office in Berlin, is the leading German research institute in the field of innovative software technology. 
Local news? – German AI Blog
Check out Der Künstliche Intelligenz Blog. A blog on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Exponential technology completely written in german
A word from City AI
After a fascinating experiment from Google, concerns originating from the White House, valuable insights in machine learning, even more glimpses on the endless possibilities of AI, we thoroughly hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter.
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