City AI - Am I going to lose my job to an AI?

City AI Digest: Am I going to lose my job to an AI? Seriously.You might lose a game of Starcraft 2 mu
City AI
City AI - Am I going to lose my job to an AI?
By City AI • Issue #3
City AI Digest: Am I going to lose my job to an AI? Seriously.
You might lose a game of Starcraft 2 much sooner than to an AI than your job. However, AI developments might take the universal basic income to the next level. Worrying about the election? We discuss the future of AI: Machine learning/AI will move forward 10x according to Singularity University, alongside an excellent infographic on machine learning. Furthermore, we explain how to Google attempts to mimic the human brain through Deep Learning. Curious to how bankers look at all of these developments? Keep on reading. We turn an eye to Stockholm this weekend, what’s going on in the Silicon Valley of Northern Europe?
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What made buzz this week
What happens if a robot takes your job
Will humans become lazy if you give them universal basic income? What will happen to the future of humanity once AI is able to carry out our jobs? Read this amazing article.
DeepMind is going to beat you at Starcraft 2
It happened before that AI was able to beat human champions at Chess & Go, now, DeepMind wants its AI to someday take on a human StarCraft 2 champion.
Should We Worry About the Future of AI?
We created the tools that led to the industrial revolution. This  led to global warming. And so far, global warming is not under our control. How is this related to Artificial Intelligence?
Applied Artificial Intelligence
The big trends to forget about the election
By 2020, machine learning/AI will move forward 10x according while interfaces like Siri, Cortana, Google and Alexa are going to get much, much better.
Machine learning infographic
Machine learning is used in a wide range of everyday situations. But do you know where and how? Find out more about machine learning through this amazing, interactive page.
DeepMind can learn and think on it’s own
Neural networks are hot. Read about google’s plans to design DeepMind in such way that it’s able to solve any complex problem, without needing to be taught how. 
Parth Desai, CEO of Pelican, an AI solution for transaction systems, discusses why artificial intelligence (AI) is already a fact not a fantasy in the financial world, why it matters and what can really be achieved on the journey to true AI adoption 
The Silicon Valley of Northern Europe
Curious to AI in the Nordics? Meet Stockholm AI: a community organising series of events based on the subject of AI. It’s open to entrepreneurs, developers, techies and investors who want to know why it’s a great place for running AI companies.
The AI Scene in Stockholm
Here is an overview of some of the most interesting players within the AI community in Stockholm as well as some very new members of the AI scene.
Watch the awesome footage of Stockholm AI
Public recording of the first event organised by the local community on 9-11-2016. Quality presentations & footage made available by the local community
Meet the ambassador: Roelof Pieters
Roelof Pieters is our local ambassador of Stockholm AI running both Graph-Technologies and PhD research at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. Get in touch with him!
That’s it folks. We hope you won’t  have nightmares about a robot taking your job, but spark a discussion about universal basic income. I personally can’t wait to play a match of Starcraft against a neural network. We took a good look at Stockholm, running strong while being covered in snow.
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