[CITY.AI] - AI's without borders & 3 events in April

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[CITY.AI] - AI's without borders & 3 events in April
By City AI • Issue #19

Now thats an #awesome initiative
Speaking about #awesome, check out Elons new business. Explore the relation between philosophy & AI. Meet Luna, the most human AI to date. Furthermore, we got you an amazing AI/ML resource overview, a deck on applied AI in law and last but not least: serious critics for self driving cars.
Dont forget to check out our amazing line-up for our Artificial Intelligence Conference in Amsterdam, World Summit AI, 11-12 October this year.
Have a blast this week!
What made buzz this week
Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk has a new company Neuralink focused on developing the capabilities of the brain & AI.
The philosophers he influenced set the stage for the technological revolution that remade our world. Fascinating piece by The Atlantic.
This AI hates racism, dreams of being superintelligent, and finds Siris conversational skills to be decidedly below her own.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning field is getting a lot of attention right now, and knowing where to start can be a little difficult.
Check this awesome presentation on the current capabilities of AI in Law (and beyond) including Machine Learning as a Service.
The game of chicken which could be a serious problem for driverless cars could potentially form a problem for the adoption of the technology.
Upcoming events - 3 in April

Valletta AI - Happening the 19th of April
Krakow AI - Happening 25th of April
Sofia AI vol 2 - Happening 29th of April
Thats it folks!
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Written from a very sunny Budapest,
Remco & The City AI team
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