[CITY.AI] - AI Conference in Amsterdam & The Economics of AI

Thank God for Deep Learning...
City AI
[CITY.AI] - AI Conference in Amsterdam & The Economics of AI
By City AI • Issue #14
Thank God for Deep Learning

Announcing 4 CITY.AI events this month & the Summit AI 2017 in Amsterdam.
Wether you live in or close to Amsterdam, Bangalore, Budapest or Tirana - weve got you covered with 4 AI events this month. Serious concerns on AI & the global economy: jobs and the middle class. IBM opens super office in Munch. On Applied AI - expert consensus from 51 executives, the German AI landscape and how bots are affecting journalism.
A week full of launches: Exciting updates from our friends at General AI Challenge and the announcement of The Summit AI 2017: the definitive AI Summit for the entire Applied AI ecosystem.
Exciting! Read on ;)
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What made buzz this week
The end of the middle class
The worlds top AI researchers met to consider the threats posed by their research. The global economy could be the first casualty.
Andrew Ng on the economics of AI
In the latest episode of Architecht, Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng shares his unique and global perspective on artificial intelligence.
IBM  opens $200 million HQ in Munich
IBM Watson Group opened a $200 million IoT headquarters last week in Munich, its biggest investment in Europe in more than two decades.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
The German AI landscape
Interesting overview of the current AI landscape in Germany. Could be very well the case that the UK and Germany are leading the AI market in Europe.
AI marketing: advice from 51 execs
All startups and companies face the same problem, including AI related startups. How do you market effectively? Learn from industry leaders.
Bots & the future of journalism
The Washington Posts Heliograf software can autowrite tons of basic stories in no time, which could free up reporters to do more important work.
AI Conference in Amsterdam: The Summit AI
Save the date! We are proud to announce the launch of The Summit AI: The worlds only industry-organised tech summit for the entire Applied AI ecosystem, powered by the global reach of our community. For more information: www.thesummitai.com
General AI Challenge
This week marked the exciting launch ofGeneral AI Challenge, with the mission to tackle crucial research problems in human-level AI development. Since the 15th of February, they made amazing numbers.Are you ready to push limits of machine intelligence? Follow @ai_challenge or register on theirwebsite.

Awesome AI events coming your way
We have 4 exciting events happening this month, from our Amsterdam, Bangalore, Budapest and Tirana communities! Keep an eye on our twitter for livestream Budapest AI!
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