[CITY.AI] - A Growing Global AI Community

Already a year of Berlin AI and 4 events in the pipeline!
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[CITY.AI] - A Growing Global AI Community
By City AI • Issue #21
Already a year of Berlin AI and 4 events in the pipeline!

Celebrate the anniversary with us!
Celebrate the anniversary with us!
Very proud to see our community growing.
Excitedto announce more than 4 upcoming events this month! We give you the best article on Neuralink from WaitButWhy.Tired of all the headlines on superhuman AI? Debunking the myth. Why we need democratization of machine learning. Kaggles CEO explains googles acquisition of the largest data science community. What is an MVP in the world of AI? Last, a great article on human & artificial intelligence byFerenc Szalaifrom Budapest AI.
Dont forget to check in or catch up with our Artificial Intelligence Conference in Amsterdam, World Summit AI, 11-12 October this year.
Have a great weekend
Check out our new brochure
Check out our new brochure
What made buzz this week
Neuralink: the brain's magical future
Elon Musks Neuralink wants to merge the human brain with cloud-based AI. Read this fascinating piece by the amazing Tim Urban.
The myth of a superhuman AI
Debunking the myth of a superhuman artificial intelligence: Hyper-intelligent algorithms are not going to take over the world for these five reasons.
We need the democratization of AI
We are living in an era of hype. The First thing I want to clear is that ML/DL are algorithms neither conscious nor intelligent or smart machines.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
Kaggle CEO & google acquisition
Anthony Goldbloom discusses Kaggles journey and Google acquisition, as well as the rise of deep learning and the evolution of AI.
Data Science is the MVP for AI P
Here is a 4-step process for using Lean Startup techniques to systematically generate value in AI projects.
Meet the people who train the robots
Before the machines become smart enough to replace humans, as some people fear, they need to be taught.
Superintelligence & human intelligence
Great piece by our Budapest AI team member & Budapest tech guru: Ferenc Szalaion the synergy between super intelligence and human intelligence.
Upcoming events
Hanoi AI - 10th of May - get your tickets here.
Hamburg AI - 10th of May of April - get your tickets here.
Berlin AI - 1 year anniversary - 10th of May - register here
Stockholm AI - 4th edition 11th of May - register here.
Our newest member from Vietnam!
Our newest member from Vietnam!
Past events
Hacker Works - Sofia AI vol 2
Check out the amazing footage of Sofia AI Gathering vol 2: with international speakers & organised by the amazing hacker.works team.
Singapore AI took place last week. Stay tuned for more footage.
Singapore AI took place last week. Stay tuned for more footage.
Thats it folks!
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