Artificial Unicorns & Supermarkets

City AI: Artificial Unicorns & Supermarkets Forget about #trumpicorns: current predictions estima
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Artificial Unicorns & Supermarkets
By City AI • Issue #7
City AI: Artificial Unicorns & Supermarkets 
Forget about #trumpicorns: current predictions estimate a rise in AI unicorns across the startup landscape. Amazon has changed the game completely by launching the first AI-powered supermarket.
Seriously. We ask how Amazon Alexa is doing. And it might be worth to dive into the philosophy of mind again: read about Descartes’ Cogito, ergo sum & AI.
Talking business: Meet the 9 big tech investors of AI. Also - what’s Uber up to? Using AI to optimise food delivery. 
We are ordering pizza. Probably not delivered yet by a self driving car.
Enjoy the read.

What made buzz this week
The world's most advanced supermarket
Amazon has just changed the entire supermarket game. Amazon Go is a new kind of store featuring Applied Artificial Intelligence in many different forms. Watch the video!
The long predicted AI winter Isn’t coming
Despite plenty of hype and frantic investment, a leading AI expert says hardware advances will keep AI breakthroughs coming, so no reason to worry about any decline soon.
So, WTF is AI?
Cogito, ergo sum. We’ve all heard that famous assertion coming from Descartes about the foundations of consciousness, but it’s becoming more and more relevant again given the rise of AI.
Applied Artificial Intelligence
AI to dominate unicorns in next 10 years
In the next 10 years, most unicorns are bound to be AI companies. 50 percent of jobs, such as stenographer and security personnel, will be replaced by AI technologies. 
Wheelchairs & pringles cans with Amazon's Alexa |
If you thought that Amazon Echo was everything Alexa had to offer, check out this amazing overview of Alexa Interacting with wheelchairs and pringles cans.
Where goes the data Google and Alexa record?
Recording your voice and storing it on a server sounds alarming, OK, it is alarming, but there’s a good reason why Amazon Echo and Google Home do it. To improve that is.
AI is more artificial than intelligent
Good opinion piece. Is AI just an enormous hype, or is actually able to set realistic predictions and deliver them? How far from truly intelligent sentient technology are we?
The giants investing in artificial intelligence
Google, Facebook and Microsoft are racing after AI startups while  Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are calling for AI to be regulated and monitored. AI is definitely hot right now. 
Uber launches AI lab to make deliveries faster
According to Uber, negotiating every-day problems using new technology is high-order intelligence problem, and that’s why they are going to optimise food delivery using AI.
Major City AI Announcements
We at City AI can’t wait to try out Amazon go or see where everyday applied AI is going. We questioned wether AI is truly intelligent and where all the data is actually going. Last but not least, you might have a much faster delivery in the near future!
So WTF is city AI?
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