By Kat O'Brien

ChiTown Screenwriting is a movement, a mindset, and a publication that I write and edit. We're building community by connecting creative collaborators to opportunities.

Each issue features advice on writing and creating, tips & tricks, wit & wisdom, workshops & events, and spotlights on artists you should know. Within those formats, we're sharing and unpacking strategies to navigate the business, as well as writing prompts and lessons in the art and craft of screenwriting to navigate professional development in the creative process.

As a screenwriter, producer, and changemaker with over 20 years experience in the film industry based in Los Angeles, and connected around the world, I'm here to share my own experiences as well as curated content in the form of wisdom and resources through conversations with my creative partners and collaborators, as well as special guest contributors from the ChiTown Screenwriting Community, and other inspirations throughout the twitterverse. I'm also a professor, wife, and mom and am always discovering new ways to find balance and sustain my creative goals and am excited to share that with you! 

Whether you're in Chicago or just love the ChiTown collaborator mindset (good peeps, generous support!), join us to connect to a community of creatives seizing opportunities to sustain their dreams, and support their professional/personal work/life goals. 

ChiTown Screenwriting is a local community that will welcome you when you visit to work or play in the City of Big Shoulders, with international reach, breadth, and depth of perspective. 

Join us to support fellow writers and creatives at all stages of their professional career, and to cultivate a critical discourse around the cultural relevance and future of independent storytelling.

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