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Hi Writers!
Welcome to ChiTown Screenwriting!
What started as a hashtag last night is taking its next organizing step today. We have a unique opportunity to make our post-pandemic communities and networks more inclusive than ever. Location matters less, culture matters more, and there are ways to make both more vibrant. That’s what #chitownscreenwriting is all about.
ChiTown Screenwriting is both a place and a culture. I’m starting this newsletter to grassroots organize the diverse community of content creators locally here in Chicago but also– around the world.
As a writer and grassroots organizer/changemaker I’m hoping to leverage that with my network of content creators and industry experts at several major film schools + Hollywood + film markets around the world to support pathways to platforms to elevate underrepresented voices in film, television, and all intersecting media platforms. Calling all writers and content creators, creatives, and artists to join us!
Check this out for a weekly round up of writing prompts, tips, tricks, strategies and free lessons in the art and craft of screenwriting unpacked through the intersectional lenses of identity and voice, as well as all the various hats writers have to wear to be successful in achieving their goals of getting produced, published, and reaching their audience. ChiTown Screenwriting will be a local community to visit when you’re here, with international reach, breadth, and depth of perspective.

ICYMI #HotTips from Kat's Friends
TRUE INDIE: Breaking in Remotely - Interview with Ashley Hall, writer of 'The Cure' - Script Magazine
Kat O'Brien
@ArianMoayed is one of the most fascinating & brilliant artists I've ever worked with & one of the kindest and most generous humans I've ever known. Every time we speak, I learn something new about life, art, and myself. ❤️ Check this out! 👇💎 #screenwriting #pipelinewriters
Arian Moayed آرین
Had this amazing conversation a few months back with Afsheen Misaghi @affyjay bout Robin Williams, #SuccessionHBO, @Waterwell, art, immigrants, The Accidental Wolf, theater, Grover from Sesame Street, and some ridic Persian translations. Watchhhhh!
ICYMI #Opportunities to Elevate
차 - Cha | Seed&Spark
ICYMI #CraftThread of the Week
Kat O'Brien on Twitter: "As an industry veteran story dev pro, screenwriter and EP, my best advice for #writers breaking in is to know "The 3Cs" that make you good in a room/on a zoom. You're not just pitching your story, you're pitching yourself as a collaborator. 💎🧵 @ScriptPipeline @screencrafting"
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Kat O'Brien
Kat O'Brien @uknowKatOBrien

ChiTown Screenwriting is a publication that I write and edit, for writers and creators to find community on their journey to getting published and produced.

More ambitiously, ChiTown Screenwriting is a movement, and a mindset. Global and local, we're a community connected by creative collaboration, and we're all about connecting collaborators to creative opportunities!

Each issue shares the wisdom and advice from storytellers and changemakers, with the goal of demystifying some of the more elusive processes and strategies for navigating the business, art and craft of getting our stories to our audiences.

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