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🍀 TOOL SEDUCTION - Issue #99


Sunday Retazo

May 22 · Issue #99 · View online

Hi, I am JOE and I write on "Mindful Productivity & Cerebral Happiness". My weekly newsletter is an endeavour to share life lessons, some thoughts, quotes and links to articles/podcasts/books, I discover over the week. Let's gear up to connect the dots and 'Unlock Human Potential'.

Hey Friends,
Historically, there are handful of things which have had consumed maximum attention from peoples & organisations. One of such thing, which comes to my mind is “ LEADER” & “ LEADERSHIP”. You google these words and search offered by the search engine are countless. I wonder , despite so much of literature and technological advancements, people are still looking out for good leaders & leadership practices.
They are constantly seeking best tools of leadership. Incidentally, there are so many of them out there in the world. There are thousands of books, trainers, and experts teaching how to use their tools like the best way to structure a team, motivate others, make great decisions, influence, serve, plan, inspire, set values, gain respect, take initiative, empower, achieve goal and promise leaders & organisations to get impossible results.
People in every organisations are asked to learn these things over & over again but in critical moments, even the best tools break or fail in some other way, resources are lost, or circumstances counted on fail to materialise—yet still leader & their leadership must survive with every fall. This survival can only happen with the behavioural shift.
The real problem isn’t with the tools; it’s in how you relate to them. The moot question is “Are you using the tools, or are they using you? Try asking these Questions :-👇
Do the new tools support your success, or are they just an industry fashion trend?
Do they allow you to act in the face of your fears, or do they just clog your thinking or shelves with interesting but irrelevant information?
Do they fuel your team’s passion for the challenge ahead, or do they derail productivity with useless meetings, lingo, and processes?
Personally, I always like to remember two things:-👇
  1. • Behavior, not tools, drives results.
  2. • Either adapt or face consequences of the happenings.
As a Leader, you should always remember to ‘reward desired behaviour and adapt your tools to your unique needs and not Vice Versa. Regardless of how much you spend on training, experts, and meetings, it’s all a waste, if behaviour doesn’t change and people do not start making different decisions and taking different actions.
Most of the problems in any organisation are behavioural and not tool based. Don’t get seduced by every new tool made available by the market forces. Encourage people to make positive behavioural and cultural changes in themselves to achieve unprecedented results.______Joe Sehrawat
After working in a dynamic environment having numerous complexities, I did learn one thing : ‘Leadership is a work in progress’.
The best advice, I can give you is simply this:- ’Stop! 🔴, You’re searching in the wrong direction. Although tools are important, after all, we spend a lot of time testing them but the true answer does not lie in the promised tools’. Leadership is and has always been a behavioural aspect.
Have a great week! Stay Safe
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🍀My Current Read 📖📖 👇
Article - How to figure out what to do with your life, by Julian Shapiro. This is a great framework for deciding what you value most in your life. For example, Julian reckons most of us value money way too much: “In observing friends who’ve sold startups and made millions: After one year, they’re back to toying with their old side projects. They used their money to buy a nice home and eat well. That’s it. They’re otherwise back to who they were.” I actually had a great insight after reading it this week.
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I will meet you next Sunday with another edition of ‘Sunday RETAZO’. Till then “Take good care of yourself”.
Joe Sehrawat
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