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Sunday Retazo

March 6 · Issue #88 · View online

Hi, I am JOE and I write on "Mindful Productivity & Cerebral Happiness". My weekly newsletter is an endeavour to share life lessons, some thoughts, quotes and links to articles/podcasts/books, I discover over the week. Let's gear up to connect the dots and 'Unlock Human Potential'.

Hey Friends,
Over the weekend, I was mulling over a simple thought that we have made scales to measure everything around us. For example, If you are a doctor, you have certain reference values against which the health parameters are checked. If you are an engineer, then depending on the particular discipline of engineering, you have a different set of values against which you Calibrate and Recalibrate things & instruments to maintain certain desirable standards.
There are so many occasions, when you would have realised that you deserved much more than what life has given you in return compared to your efforts. More often, you would have also felt that your sincerity, hard work, diligence, good behaviour and humanly conduct had lost their meaning in your professional and personal life. 
In the midst of this little psychological warfare we engaged ourselves, I would say that there is nothing wrong to think this way and it’s absolutely normal to have such thoughts. But I would say that ‘ Life is a Big Canvass where different type of 🌈 rainbows are painted by God with his own brush of vibrant colours .
I wonder as to why we as humans invariably decide to develop selective colour blindness and funnel vision in looking at our own life.  This type of approach seriously hampers our ability to see and appreciate the other beautiful colours of rainbows on our life canvass. 
I would put it this way -“ Like aviation, there must have been a few things that were Situational – induced and must have been understood as misalignments, differently perceived or sometimes misinterpreted by others in their actions towards us. I say, whatever it is or whatever it was, let’s call it “Fair Enough” and move on towards a higher purpose in life. 
You have to use your own compensators effectively to adjust and minimize the influence of these Life-induced fields and thereafter apply the self-correction for a happy life. __ Joe Sehrawat
In this age of periodic gradings, appraisals and number crunching, it’s a real possibility that somewhere halfway in life you get grappled with thoughts like things that haven’t turned out the way you expected or envisioned them. All of a sudden, you might start to see peers assume positions and you realize that your career pathway is not going to lead you to that kind of outcome. You start taking a more intense self-centred or self-absorbed outlook on life.
Although, It might be true that your expectations of life are not the same as they used to be but I would suggest you to stay more inclined to use your skills in an array of different activities which might be divergent to your current job but no less meaningful in the overall scheme of things in life.
 We have to come out of our regressive mindset with new and revived attitudes, fresh routines, new perspectives and prospects. The most enlightening thought is that you can now restructure your life on your own terms, which is something you have always envisioned.
My prefered way is by indulging in a slow-motion emotional reboot  and allow evolution to rewire my new perspective. I prefer to turn my expectations into here and now instead of searching meaningless ifs and buts.
Medical advancements, modern medicine and increasing public health have already extended our life Span and they will add more years in the future. We are in a process of an upturn on the happiness curve and it would be appropriate to call this new stage of life “Advanced Mature Adulthood”. Whatever you call it, it is a gift of life and you deserve it to live happily.
Remember, you don’t have to be in a mid-life transition to take stock and ask questions to yourself. Infact, anytime is a good time to think about it.  Do not wait for someone else to calibrate life for you. Take the lead and do it yourself.
Have a great week ahead 
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I will meet you next Sunday with another edition of ‘Sunday RETAZO’. Till then “Take good care of yourself”.
Joe Sehrawat
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