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🍀 LUCK - Issue #100 ( Special Edition)


Sunday Retazo

May 29 · Issue #100 · View online

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Hey Friends,
This week ‘Sunday Retazo’ is a bit special to me. It’s going to be my 100th edition published every Sunday ( at 9 AM Sharp) without any break. The foremost credit goes to my beloved readers. Their meaningful comments & praises has helped me to learn and improve overtime . It has certainly acted as a support Sytem and provided a genuine motivation to keep me walking from one Sunday to the next Sunday & to the next one …………& so on……& here I’m on my 100th Edition ( My gratitude & a big thank you once again).
Speaking, honestly, I stayed very excited during this week’s and was toying many ideas. However, I have decided to keep it simple and write my thoughts as they are emerging from my mind & heart.
Most people want excitement and something to talk about except mastering the boring fundamentals. One of my belief is that ‘the greatest threat to results are boredom and impatience’. The only way to become good at something is to practice the ordinary basics for an uncommon length of time.
I have always believed that ‘Consistency is King ( Do read my earlier published newsletter on it), however, I would like to admit that luck plays a big role in all of our successes and it has certainly played in mine too.
Like every other aspect of life, success in any uncharted & dynamic environments depends on three factors: luck, strategy, and execution. Sometimes bad things happen to all of us, for no apparent reason. More miraculously, somehow we escape.
Also, there are overwhelming majority of people who believe in the philosophy of ‘you have to fake it till you make it’. But this philosophy is the exact opposite of how truly successful people live . This is how I look at myself :👇
I would like to live with authentic vulnerability because I have learned that the world always connects more with your grit than your shine. World might show up for the shine, but will only stay because of your continuous gritty endevaours.“_____ Joe Sehrawat
I see, there are two kinds of games: games of chance and games of skill. For example : Sliders and Ladders is a game of chance. You can practice every day, and there is still no way to improve your odds of winning. You just have to hope that you get a lucky spin off the dial. In Mahabharata, Mr 'Shkuni” has been projected as a master of dices but there are no credible evidences in history to prove the same, except one specific event where he could do what he wanted . On the other hand, monopoly is a game of skill where you still roll a dice but with greater amount of certainty. 
🍀 - Since there are two kinds of games, there are two kinds of luck too:
• Skill-based luck: It is a kind of luck which you create. It is directly linked to your acquired skill sets. These skills can be anything which help you to make stand out in your area of competence. I would say that “Luck is what happens when opportunity and preparation collide, ”. For example : If an opportunity knocks on your door and you are not prepared to take it than ..boom- boom …you end up having no Luck & Vice Versa. 
My Equation of Luck :👇
Luck = Opportunity + Preparedness.
You build this luck by acting in the face of real fear, subjugate your personal desires to the greater goal of the group, fight arrogance with humility, seek out and nurture partnerships, be seduced by passion and not by the tools, and perseverance. When you combine these elements, you appear to be one lucky leader.
Being viewed as lucky, you attract even more good fortune. As your good fortune grows, others will say you’re on a lucky streak. But You know that all this luck comes from the application of hard- earned skills and a positive mental attitude.
If we can be “lucky” at games of skill, we’ll attract more and more opportunities. And, I can’t say enough about the need to have a positive mental attitude to increase skill-based luck.___ Joe Sehrawat
Olympic coaches, military leaders, the best counsellors, teachers, and great managers know that the power of attitude differentiates same-skilled people into winners and losers.
If you are regularly experience skill-based “luck,” you deserve to pat yourself on the back. It lets you know that you are tuned in to real possibilities, even if you can’t put your finger on why you were lucky this time.
Do you agree with Thomas Jefferson ’s version: “ I ’m a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it” Or Do you feel that there is an involvement of sixth sense for luck as well ? Probably 'Yes’ , because after-all, we are aware of certain truths on a subconscious level. 
• Pure luck: What about this kind of luck & from where id suddenly pop-up? When the forces of gravity switch directions, let’s just hope that the dial we spin puts us on a good luck, not a bad luck. Try remembering, those times and instances when human error contributed to certain events and we possessed no control over the outcomes, yet we survive. Did you ever think?, why certain sequence of things happens and few of them suddenly swallow up one’s life time glory????.
To my mind, there’s apparently no explanation for pure luck, it just happens for some unknown reasons. Some prefer to call it ‘Divine Interventions’ or ‘Simply Lucky’. Although in Hindu mythology, there are references that ‘it might be due to your accumulated past /present 'Karmas’ or ‘good deeds’ which paid you off in terms of “Pure Luck”.
Incidentally, I stumbled across a saying which seems to define “Pure Luck” in a distinctly different manner which has truly resonated in me: 👇
Both good and bad luck occur as teams seek the summit. You can lead your team and do it all correctly with no mistakes, and still be swept over a cliff by an avalanche.
End Note;-
A friend once told me that everyone gets a turn at being lucky and some just happens to be luckier than others.
Does ‘luck’ affect your career, work or company? You bet it does.
“Chance often plays a greater role than we think, or the successful people usually like to admit.”__ Rosenzweig
Good Luck! -( Skilled Based + Pure Luck) to everyone & Thank you for reading this special edition till the end .
Take Care
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Joe Sehrawat
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