Sunday Retazo

By Joe Sehrawat






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Sunday Retazo

February 27 · Issue #87 · View online

Hi, I am JOE and I write on "Mindful Productivity & Cerebral Happiness". My weekly newsletter is an endeavour to share life lessons, some thoughts, quotes and links to articles/podcasts/books, I discover over the week. Let's gear up to connect the dots and 'Unlock Human Potential'.

Hey Friends,
One of the things that keeps me motivated and wanting to strive for improvement is how inspired I am at any given time. I think it’s such an important factor contributing to overall ‘success’ in our careers or life otherwise.
So, this week I’m going to share two ways, I use to stay permanently inspired. Now, being inspired is a personal thing, what inspires me may not inspire you, but I have a strong feeling the following will inspire most of us.
One: Moderate Your Followings
With most of us on social media, it’s easy to be influenced. Both, positively and negatively. But, when we actively decide who to follow, we can actually be positively influenced or inspired, rather. I follow inspiring thought leaders like Naval and David Perell and this gives me ideas for my own content and where I should be making improvements in my personal life. You get the idea, choose who you follow carefully.
Two: Read More Books
Books are a massive goldmine for inspiration. From self-growth books like Atomic Habits and The Courage To Be Disliked to motivational books like Can’t Hurt Me and The Third Door, there’s just an endless pot of inspiration and incredible ideas tucked away.
Now, of course, you don’t have to read. You could listen to a podcast, read blog articles, or watch documentaries, etc. of the same nature and perhaps be equally inspired. But for me, there is something about reading a book, investing that time, and unlocking hidden gems of wisdom that is far is more inspirational. Bottom line: read more, get inspired.
So, these are just two ways I stay inspired. What are some techniques you use to stay inspired? Let me know, I’d love to try some new methods!
Have a great week ahead 
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❤️ 🧠My Favourite Things of the Week : 🧤🧤
🍀 One Quote 🧠 I'hv been thinking:
Failure and invention are inseparable twins. To invent you have to experiment, and if you know in advance that it’s going to work, it’s not an experiment.
— The Four by Scott Galloway
🍀 One Recommendation 🚀
Video 🎬 — Don’t Make These Finance Mistakes by Matt D’Avella
Making money decisions are often tough, especially when we’re young and naive. Here’s a great video by Matt D’Avella that shares many of the same personal finance mistakes I’ve made in my short adulthood. Hopefully, you won’t be making these mistakes.
🍀 This is what I am currently reading :
Turn The Ship Around!: by L. David Marquet and Stephen R Covey
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I will meet you next Sunday with another edition of ‘Sunday RETAZO’. Till then “Take good care of yourself”.
Joe Sehrawat
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