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Your Central American News Fix

Dear readers, Welcome back to another week of Central American news! All eyes are on Guatemala, where
Central American News
Your Central American News Fix
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Dear readers,
Welcome back to another week of Central American news!
All eyes are on Guatemala, where the executive and legislative powers are doubling down on UN-backed anti-corruption body CICIG and the Constitutional Court, which supported anti-corruption efforts, putting democracy at risk.
Costa Ricans have a new Vice-President to replace Epsy Campbell and Panama is preparing for the Pope’s arrival for World Youth Day. El Salvador is in full-on presidential campaign mode, Belize is coming to grips with being a player in international drug trade routes and the Organization of American States initiated a special session under the Democratic Charter to discuss what can be done, diplomatically at first, with Nicaragua.
Against this backdrop, another migrant caravan is preparing to leave Central America and the US government is still partially shut down over funding of the US-Mexico border wall.
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  • Smugglers at the US-Mexico border now ask up to $7,000 to cross the border
  • US Government still partially shut down over funding for an enhanced border wall
  • Mexico prepares for arrival of the next Central American migrant caravan
Constitutional crisis recap:
  1. On Saturday, Colombian CICIG investigator entered the country and was detained for 25 hours, then the Constitutional Court ordered his release //
  2. On Monday, Guatemala notified the UN that it was terminating CICIG early and the UN rejected this request//
  3. On Tuesday, CICIG evacuated its foreign staff for security reasons //
  4. On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court overruled Morales’ decision //
  5. On Thursday, the Supreme Court ordered Guatemala’s Congress to decide whether three members of the Constitutional Court should be stripped of their judicial immunity - which would weaken the Constitutional Court //
  6. Blockades against the Gov’t announced for January 14

El Salvador
Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica appoints former judge of Inter-American Court as new Vice-President, to replace Epsy Campbell
Good Reads
  • A wrap-up of what is happening in Guatemala now, by Elisabeth Malkin for the New York Times // And in more detail on Revista Factum, by Hector Silva Ávalos (in Spanish)
  • A deep-dive feature on Honduran asylum seekers who flee the dispossession of their lands, which are conceded to mining and palm oil companies, by Vienna Herra and Martin Cálix on ContraCorriente (in Spanish).
  • Nicaraguan activist Anaís and her friend in exile explain in detail what is happening in Nicaragua now, on Radio No Jódas
  • Human rights lawyer Paula Avila-Guillen and reporter Nina Lakhani describe how Imelda Cortez’s surprise verdict has given fresh hope to women in El Salvador, on The Guardian’s podcast
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