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Dear readers, Welcome back to another week of Central American news. As I'm in Spain for a short brea
Central American News
Your Central American News Fix
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Dear readers,
Welcome back to another week of Central American news.
As I’m in Spain for a short break, I’d like to share with you some information on Central Americans in this corner of the world.
Did you know that around 40,000 Hondurans and 20,000 Nicaraguans were living in Spain in 2017? Most Hondurans do not reside in Madrid, as one might expect, but in the Catalan region, and most Nicaraguans are in Zaragoza, in the north of Spain. They are the two largest groups of Central American nationals.
Last year, 1,400 Salvadorans and 1,315 Hondurans filed asylum cases according to European statistics. Many others stay with expired tourist visas.
I haven’t seen much data from the Caribbean-Central American side - apart from one Belizean cocktail bar in Barcelona, which I’m eager to visit - but the Dominican community is particularly well represented in Spain (around 160,000 live here).
Thank you for reading!
NB: I want to apologize for translating the word transvestido as “transvestite” from this article last week, as it is negatively connoted in the LGTQ+ community. I’ll exclusively use the term “transgender” from now on. Thank you to the reader who pointed that out to me.

🗺️ Migration
🗺️ Central American asylum seekers in Tijuana either wait in insalubrious conditions to apply for asylum, apply for a Mexican humanitarian visa, pay a smuggler to cross, cross and hope to get caught or cross and avoid getting caught // 28 new shelters opened according to Honduran ambassador // shelter’s resources dwindle as holidays near// // UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, says Central American asylum seekers must be treated well
🗺️ Central America
⚡ Honduras and Nicaragua among most vulnerable to climate change according to NGO Germanwatch
🗺️ Belize
US slashes aid to Belize and other countries for not combating human trafficking
⚡ Belizean police reportedly diverted drug plane from Belize, carrying a ton and a half of cocaine, lands in Mexico
🗺️ Honduras
⚡ President of IACHR, Margarette May Macaulay, urged Honduras to revoke the concession of a project to build a dam on ancestral indigenous lands, the one which motivated the murder of Berta Cáceres.
🗺️ Guatemala
⚡ Guatemala officially presents itself as a candidate to host COP25
⚡ Indigenous authorities lament use of ixil clothing in political event of Zury Ríos, daughter of Efraín Ríos Montt
🗺️ Costa Rica
⚡ President Varela approves controversial tax reform bill, aimed at fixing fiscal deficit
🗺️ El Salvador
⚡ MS-13 buried more than 20 bodies in clandestine cemetery in Ilopango
⚡ Former Attorney Luis Martinez convicted for sharing Father Toño’s intimate conversations which were on tape
⚡ High-ranking Armed Force officers investigated for executing potential offenders
🗺️ Panama
⚡ #PanamaPapers: Panamanian lawyer is on trial in the US, risks up to 70 years in prison
⚡ #Odebrecht: judge orders a US$1 million bail from former President Martinelli’s children
China and Panama sign 19 agreements, including building a high-speed train “which could connect all of Central America”
⚡ Former President Martinelli and President Varela will be called to testify in Italy for an alleged bribe in the purchase of modular prisons
🗺️ Nicaragua
Reporters Without Borders denounces ‘serious’ attacks on independent press // Police continue to detain students, activists and movement leaders, families are afraid to denounce
⚡ The Blue and White National Unity called on the Nicaraguan Army to pronounce itself on the crisis afflicting the country
Tax revenue falls by 9%, which will result in spending cuts in 2019
Good Reads
This week, there were many thoughtful pieces and good coverage on the so-called migrant caravan and its root causes.
📰 As part of Vice’s Cartel Chronicles, Deborah Bonello explains the link between the cocaine trade, corruption in Honduras’s elites, gang violence and forced migration. 
📰 Nina Lakhani writes an opinion piece for The Globe and Mail on Berta Cáceres’s trial and offers a clear picture of the corruption and impunity plaguing Honduras.
📰 According to Telesur, President Bush Sr. traveled to El Salvador in 1983 to convince Salvadoran officials to rule out death squads so that the US could continue supporting the government’s counterinsurgency strategy.
📰 Michael Deibert writes a summary of US intervention in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in an opinion for The Guardian.
📰 Alice Driver, Martha Pskowski and other women journalists share their thoughts on how to better report on migration on IMWF. Other journalists, including Daniel Alvarenga, also contributed to a piece on how the “media plays into Trump’s narrative on the migrant caravan,” on Columbia Journalism Review.
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8:32 PM - 6 Dec 2018
🎥 AJ+ released a video a few months ago on a community run by women in El Salvador.
🎥 Trailer of a forthcoming documentary on how lives of Nicaraguans have changed since April 18, 2018, called El Eterno Abril.
Other News/Culture
🌟 Afro-descendant and Garífuna Central American women participated in beauty pageant in Guatemala (the participant representing New York won).
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