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Your Central American News Fix

Dear readers, Welcome back to another week of Central American news. Journalists on the ground have b
Central American News
Your Central American News Fix
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Dear readers,
Welcome back to another week of Central American news.
Journalists on the ground have been doing a great job reporting on the caravans. I hope that editors will continue to put humanizing coverage of Central Americans who migrate and that we are careful of the pictures we share - asylum seekers often flee from death threats and some don’t want to be recognizable in the press. I thank all journalists working hard to give an accurate picture of what is happening - and what will happen.
Have a good weekend.

🗺️ Migration
⚡ First Caravan: Caravan moves towards Veracruz // US considers limiting the number of immigrants at the border, sends 5,000 soldiers to the border and possibly send up to 15,000
⚡ Second Caravan: Clashes at the border between Guatemala and Mexico, one Honduran man killed by Mexican police // Guatemalan Ombudsman calls for Honduran migrants to be protected
⚡ Caravans left El Salvador on October 28 and 31, they reached Guatemala-Mexico border. follow @victorpena84 and @Neilbrandvold for updates
Venezuelans will be able to travel freely to Nicaragua, and therefore, to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as well
🗺️ Nicaragua
⚡ President Ortega spies with Israeli technology// Two radio journalists arrested // Political prisoners call for help on a sheet of toilet paper and 17 detained women from the opposition denounce being beaten // People protested in the Cathedral of Managua
U.S. advocates “free” elections and profound changes in Nicaragua // U.S. gov’t to “announce new sanctions” against Ortega’s gov’t and calls Nicaragua part of “troïka of tyranny” along with Venezuela and Cuba
🗺️ Belize
⚡ PM Barrow back from Cuba, where he underwent surgery
⚡ National debate on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes
⚡ Between 16% and 20% more tourists compared to last year
🗺️ Panama
José Isabel Blandón, Panama City mayor, is presidential candidate for 2019
Odebrecht receives new tender to build metro, despite its history of corruption and bribery scandals
⚡ President Varela visits Cuba and China for trade purposes
🗺️ El Salvador
⚡ President Sánchez Cerén visits China to sign cooperation agreements
NGOs blame ARENA and FMLN for delay (of 115 days) to elect judges to the Supreme Court
🗺️ Honduras
⚡ People march in a “solidarity caravan” with migrants, in Honduras, led by COPINH and Father Ismael Moreno (Padre Melo)
Honduras urges to investigate death of migrant in Guatemala and Mexico border
🗺️ Guatemala
Justice: Ex-candidate Manuel Baldizón accused of money laundering in US // Former Minister Vielmann and Ex-police were captured for executing prisoners // Deputy Interior Minister Rivera resigned while on the run from justice for a case of extrajudicial execution and torture
⚡ Five deputies introduce law proposal against “political harassment”, press association says it is a maneuver to imprison gov’t criticizers
⚡ Foreign Ministry denies giving visa to Iván Velásquez, head of CICIG, to enter the country
🗺️ Costa Rica
565 professors would have gone on vacation during strikes, Parliament opens 42 first files against them
⚡ Vice President Epsy Campbell denounces the racism and misogyny she faces, Gov’t stand in solidarity with her
Good reads
📰 Jenifer Ávila reports on the condition of Central American asylum seekers in the US - who are “half-imprisoned, half-free” on ContraCorriente. (In Spanish).
📰 EFE interviewed Iván Velásquez: “CICIG showed that corruption can be dealt with in Guatemala.” (In Spanish).
📰 Nefretery Marin’s column on the growing power of women in Belize on Reporter.
📰 Diego Vásquez Monterroso writes on how to relate to indigenous cultures, on Plaza Pública. (In Spanish).
📰 A deep-dive on the extortion that Salvadorans face, reported by Robbie Whelan for the Wall Street Journal.
For eyes and ears
📷 Multimedia report for the Washington Post, where reporters and photo/video journalists followed one family from a caravan organized in March 2018 all the way to the Bronx.
Panama celebrates its 115 year of independence on November 3, commemorating its secession from Colombia in 1903.
Cartoon of the week
"Éxodo". Otto's glance at the caravan of Salvadoran migrants that left for the United States on October 31st.
"Éxodo". Otto's glance at the caravan of Salvadoran migrants that left for the United States on October 31st.
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