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Your Central American News Fix

Dear readers, Welcome back to another week of Central American news. Here's a quick overview: The Ca
Central American News
Your Central American News Fix
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Dear readers,
Welcome back to another week of Central American news.
Here’s a quick overview:
The Caravan tries to reach Oaxaca, Mexico, and more people from Honduras and El Salvador are considering to collectively make the trek north. Honduras promises to give jobs to those who return.
Panama creates the sixth indigenous region, called Naso Tjer Di, and Taiwan denies that it will inject $280 million in the Nicaraguan government. More than 550 political prisoners are still detained and tortured in Nicaragua, according to reports.
Belize pushes for climate action in the region and some Costa Rican politicians are looking for ways to sanction strikers. El Salvador is moving on with Romero’s murder trial and in Guatemala, new documents that reveal the lobby behind CICIG crisis are out.
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Your recommendations
I am grateful for those who reach out with encouraging messages and/or stories. Here are some of the resources you’ve shared:
  • A Nicaraguan journalist shared their Telegram on Nicaraguan, and sometimes, Latin American, news. You can follow them on It has become one of my resources.
  • Understanding what dollars the US gives to the region can be tricky. WOLA issued a user-friendly database on US aid to the Northern Triangle.
  • Sandra from ¡Púchica Vos! Podcast shared this National Geographic story on how an anthropologist partnered with 3500 indigenous people to “remap” Central America on their terms.
⚡ The Caravan makes its way towards Oaxaca, despite Mexican Federal Police standoff in Arraiga// Another caravan is being organized in El Salvador and more people come from Honduras// US Vice-President Pence thinks it’s financed by Venezuela // The US looks for alternatives to family separations for when the Caravan reaches the border and will “cut aid” next Monday// Guatemala would return 1,107 asylum seekers and ramp up control for the next caravan// 1,700 migrants who have lodged asylum cases in Mexico appear to have lost freedom of movement// Mexico’s “Estás en tu casa” policy is not popular among the asylum seekers
➡️ More journalists to follow on the Caravan (English language): Jeff Ernst, Sarah Kinosian, Monica Wise Robles
🗺️El Salvador
Justice: Judge issues capture order for Capt. Saravia Merino to be processed for Romero’s assassination // Court requests arrest and extradition of former President Funes, accused of graft and now hiding in Nicaragua
⚡ President Sánchez Cerén gives press conference in Cuba, in which he defended the Caravan
⚡ Public Prosecutor presents law proposal to combat money laundering
⚡ Honduran human rights activists march in Honduras in solidarity with migrants
⚡ Businessmen and military officers meet and talk about the Caravan and opposition marches
⚡ Berta Cáceres murder trial has begun without lawyers for the victims
⚡Church gives special mass in remembrance of those who died in clashes // Bishop Silvio Baéz claims he is victim of government-led smear campaign
⚡ Rumors that Taiwan would buy 9035.6 million Córdobas in government bonds - more than USD$280 million - are denied by Taiwan
558 political prisoners, reports of torture // social media emojis can lead to detention, according to human rights organizations // Government denies entrance to human rights organizations that were invited by IACHR // Luis Almagro from OAS and experts want a “Special Procurator” to investigate on human rights’ abuses from the past six months
⚡ Reponses to President Trump’s threats about cutting US aid: Vice-President Cabrera says Guatemala “will have to move on without it” and Minister of Foreign Affairs says Trump’s threat is media-driven
Public and private documents that testify on the lobby to end CICIG’s mandate are obtained and analyzed by Nómada
🗺️Costa Rica
⚡ Former presidential candidate Fabricio Alvarado resigned from the National Restoration Party and creates new party
⚡ Gov’t puts climate change at the center of a Central American political meeting (SICA)
⚡ Panama will allow Venezuelan families to regroup for humanitarian reasons
⚡ A new indigenous region, called Naso Tjer Di, is created and will be under the “collective property” regime
⚡ Bill to protect citizen’s personal data is adopted
Good reads - Exclusively on the Caravan
📰 Informative story in which Jeff Ernst and Sarah Kinosian talk with Fuentes, the vilified “organizer” of the Caravan, in the Daily Beast.
📰 WOLA has a Q/A on the Caravan, in which they answer whether - and how much - President Trump can cut from foreign aid to Central America.
📰 On Honduran and US politics that share responsibility in leading people to the Caravan:
  • Easy-to-read analysis by Martín Rodríguez Pellecer on Nómada on Honduras’ strengthening far-right dictatorship. (In Spanish).
  • Cole Kazdin reported on US historic involvement in Honduras for Vice.
  • Laura Weiss explains the history of US aid to Honduras and responses to Central American migration on NACLA.
🎵…if you need it, a laid-back song on Central America by Rebeca Lane (feat. Zaki) - Soy Centroamérica
Photo of the week
Photo by Carlos Sebastián for Nómada
Photo by Carlos Sebastián for Nómada
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