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Your Central American News - and Culture

Dear readers, Welcome back to another week of Central American news. After reading your feedback on
Central American News
Your Central American News - and Culture
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Dear readers,
Welcome back to another week of Central American news.
After reading your feedback on the survey I sent out last month (which is still open), I am including more cultural content to the newsletter. I hope you like it!
Thank you again for reading and supporting Central American news projects.

🗺️ Migration
Asylum seekers in Tijuana: Groups in Tijuana show hostility towards Central Americans and migrants fear for their security // Industry association say there are 7,000 and 10,000 job offers in Tijuana and 200 companies are hiring// Mexico denies that there is an agreement with US concerning asylum seekers // Woman who criticized Mexican beans apologized to Mexico and is now reported missing
Caravans: 200 departed from El Salvador on November 18 // Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico met to “design policies to prevent irregular migration
US Immigration: US Federal Judge blocks President Trump’s measure limiting asylum applications // Congresswoman (D) and 326 pro-migrant groups ask for immigration reform and TPS protection within 100 days
🗺️ Belize
⚡ Parliament paid tribute to Fidel Castro on second anniversary of his death
⚡ Under Belize’s leadership, the Central American Regional Integration System (SICA) met to discuss Afro-descendant people
🗺️ Honduras
⚡ Honduran President’s brother captured in US for drug trafficking
⚡ Evangelical pastors want to organize political party called “Transformación Honduras”
⚡ The verdict for Berta Cáceres trial is scheduled for November 29
🗺️ Nicaragua
⚡ IACHR concerned about ‘cruel’ treatment of women opponents in prison and says Ortega imposes a “police state”// At least 545 dead and 4,533 injured since protests started April 18 and 610 incarcerated
⚡ Opposition Alliance demanded the dismissal of the president of the electoral court due to his political loyalty to Ortega
⚡ Police violently captures peasant leader of Ometepe
🗺️ Guatemala
⚡ Volcano Fuego erupted for the fifth time this year, thousands evacuated, others didn’t want to leave
Justice: Trial of ex-governor accused of torturing prisoners // Ex-soldier gets 5,160 years in prison for Guatemala massacre
⚡ Law proposal to implement “National Day of Prayer”
🗺️ Costa Rica
⚡ Constitutional Court approves controversial government tax reform // Union leader calls for “deeper, more intense demonstrations
⚡ Costa Rica joins countries to look for ways to regularize the legal status of Venezuelan migrants
🗺️ Panama
⚡ IACHR demands that the US compensate victims of the 1989 invasion of Panama
⚡ Feminists demand that femicides do not go unpunished
🗺️ El Salvador
Supreme Court Magistrates are elected after a four month delay, now attention turns to electing the General Attorney
⚡ US deported female MS-13 gang member sought by Interpol
2,719 Salvadorans left in caravans and more than 23,500 have been deported back to El Salvador in 2018
Featuring Karla Vasquez
Karla Vasquez is a Salvadoran-American journalist working on a Salvadoran cookbook, called SalviSoul, featuring stories of Salvadoran women in the diaspora. Here’s a snippet of the conversation I’ve had with her, soon to be published online.
“The food is the country, it’s what let me know I’m Salvadoran, it’s what I share with my family,” she tells me through the phone. “As a kid, I could translate El Salvador as "The Savior”, and I knew there was a war there…I was trying to piece things together. I felt that I got those answers at the dinner table.“
She also wrote on the new generation of Salvadoran food in LA for Eater:
Eater LA
Three young restaurateurs are trying to change how Angelenos eat Salvadoran food
7:30 PM - 16 Nov 2018
Other News and Culture
🚢 The Symphony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise, arrives in Roatán, Honduras
🎨 Costa Rican artists launch musical project “Estamos con vos Nicaragua”. Here’s their medley song, “Nicaragua, Nicaraguïta”
🎨 Young Guatemalans painted murals inspired by the rescuers of the Fire Volcano’s eruption, in San Juan Alotenango
🌿 38 women heads of household launch an ecological brand called Collective Footprint, in Costa Rica
📚 Garifuna Settlement Day, celebrated on November 19, is one of the most important date on the Garifuna Calendar. It commemorates the day when the first Garinagu arrived on Belize’s shores in canoes after fleeing a revolt in Honduras.
“We were never enslaved – that is a point of pride for the Garifuna people.
Learn more on this date on BBC’s report.
Photo of the Week
"Maritza and Erick receive the blessings of those attending." Photo by Simone Dalmasso for Plaza Pública. Click on the image to see more photos.
"Maritza and Erick receive the blessings of those attending." Photo by Simone Dalmasso for Plaza Pública. Click on the image to see more photos.
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