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Your Central American News

Dear readers, Welcome back to another week of Central American news. Here’s our team's round-up of t
Central American News
Your Central American News
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Dear readers,
Welcome back to another week of Central American news.
Here’s our team’s round-up of the news:
Mexican authorities are blocking migrants from crossing the U.S. border. Honduran land defenders are reeling from violence and incarcerations and CICIG has been removed from one of Guatemala’s corruption investigations.
In Nicaragua, the dialogue between President Ortega and the opposition has started in a tense atmosphere as Ortega does not want international witnesses. Salvadorans marched against the femicide of Fernanda Nájera while one of the country’s magistrates may stand trial for alleged sexual abuse of a minor.
Panama will ask UNESCO to recognize the textile made by Panamanian Guna people. Costa Rica launched a plan to decarbonize the country while Belize urged the EU to support Central America in dealing with climate change.
Thank you for reading and see you next week.

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📰 Mexico: 112 Central Americans are sent back to Mexico to wait for their asylum cases through the “remain in Mexico” program // Mexican authorities are blocking migrants at U.S. border towns
📰 U.S. policy: House voted against emergency funding for wall // Law conditioning U.S. financial help to Northern Triangle enters into effect // The Department of Homeland Security is extending TPS for U.S. residents from Sudan, El Salvador, Haiti and Nicaragua until January 2, 2020
📰 U.S. Detention: thousands of migrant children reported being sexually assaulted while in government custody in 2014-2018 // At least nine (Honduran) babies held in Ice detention
📰 Ninth caravan of Salvadoran migrants departed from El Salvador
El Salvador
📰 Prosecution: Attorney General’s Office wants to accelerate investigation in Oscar Romero’s murder // Attorney General accuses Former Presidents Antonio Saca and Francisco Flores of money laundering in Taiwan case
📰 Young Salvadorans create software that reads consumer’s emotions
📰 Investigations: Patricia de Morales, wife of President Jimmy Morales, is investigated for allegedly cashing illicit checks totaling more than $30,000 // President Morales is now also implicated in Land Registry corruption case, a case from which CICIG has been asked to leave // Investigator of CICIG resigned after love affair leaked
📰 Indigenous Xinka march over contested Guatemalan mine
📰 Land Defenders: organizations condemn the incarceration of 12 defenders of the Guapinol river // 2 Tolupan indigenous activists were murdered in Locomapa, Yoro // 12 environmental defenders from Tocoa, Colón, are in trial in a court specialized in organized crime
📰 Erratum: this news is from 2018. Sorry about the inconvenience. The leader of an international anti-corruption panel in Honduras has resigned, after he “received increased hostility from the Government” and lacked OAS support.
📰 President Hernández: At the OAS, he highlighted the decreasing homicide rates, extradictions, and new security measures // At military ceremony, he announced intensified fight against gangs and drug trafficking
📰 Belize urged the EU to support Central America in its challenges caused by climate change
📰 Belizean NGOs sign historic declaration signed in collaboration with the OAS and Guatemalan NGOs, reaffirming commitment to conservation and protection of natural resources
📰 Prime Minister Barrow targeted Supreme Court Justice for rulings against the government, sparking debate
📰 National Dialogue: Government and Alianza cannot reach accords on who will be the guarantor for the dialogue // Alianza Cívica suggests OAS or UN and Government objects this is a matter for and by nicaraguans
📰 Political Prisoners: Dozens of political prisoners leave prison without legal guarantees, over 600 remain behind bars // Freedom Committee believes the government is using the prisoners “as part of the negotiation
📰 Economy: National Assembly approves tax reform // U.S. sanctions against Nicaragua could cause collapse in the energy sector and economy.
Costa Rica
📰 Costa Rica launched an economy-wide plan to decarbonize the country by 2050 with help of Inter-American Development bank
📰 Government wants a gun control reform to decrease crime rate and facilitate paperwork for foreign investment
📰 Panama and Costa Rica only support a democratic solution to the Venezuelan crisis
📰 Panama to nominate indigentes textile art from the Guna people to Unesco Intangible Heritage List
Good Reads
📖 Geoff Thale wraps up in WOLA the stakes of the ongoing talks in Nicaragua between President Ortega and the opposition and the conditions for its success.
📖 John Burnett reported on how underage migrants are abruptly taken from U.S. children’s shelters to adult detention when they turn 18 for NPR.
📖 Parker Asmann explains how Honduran President Hernández “has chosen to hammer down on the gangs,” and turns a blind eye to “allegedly corrupt government officials linked to the country’s drug trafficking groups” on InsightCrime.
📖 Archeologists, thanks to laser images, have discovered ancient Mayan fortifications that would prove that “ancient Maya societies waged large-scale warfare.” By Tom Clynes for NatGeo.
📖 The director of El Salvador’s UCA Institute of Human Rights (IDHUCA), José María Tojeira, criticizes the narrative around El Salvador’s recent drop of homicides, citing a “normalization” of violence and more disappearances.
📷 Impactful photos of Central American civil wars, from journalist Scott Wallace, are featured in the New York Times. He comments them and sees parallels with today’s political situation.
🎧 “What does it take to believe women who decide to come forward?” asks Radio Ambulante on the story of two Guatemalan migrant women have taken legal action against Border Customs Patrol for physical abuse.
✔️ In Guatemala, 40% of judges are women. Source.
Photo of the Week
Indigenous survivors of war crimes protest outside the Constitutional Court in the capital against a bill that would grant amnesty to free war criminals. Photo by our Curator Jonathan Peraza.
Indigenous survivors of war crimes protest outside the Constitutional Court in the capital against a bill that would grant amnesty to free war criminals. Photo by our Curator Jonathan Peraza.
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