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Dear readers, Welcome back to another week of Central American news. Last Sunday, an archbishop belov
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Your Central American Fix
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Dear readers,
Welcome back to another week of Central American news.
Last Sunday, an archbishop beloved by many Central Americans, catholic or not, was proclaimed a Saint by the Vatican. Monseñor Romero was killed in 1980 by death squads for defending victims of state-enforced (and US-backed) oppression.
Romero was an outspoken priest - and he used the radio station YSAX a lot. This allowed him to capture the world’s attention to El Salvador’s emerging civil war.
Monseñor Romero continues to inspire so many people today - and for me, that would be to communicate Central American news through different mediums, such as this one.
Have a great weekend.

My work from Rome
🗺️Central America
Honduran migrant caravan: Between 2,000 and 3,000 people left Honduras on foot, crossing parts of El Salvador, Guatemala and now Mexico // Some women and children were placed in centers // US Sec. of State Pompeo to meet President Peña Nieto // Reports of wounded migrants and policemen, who used tear gas// Honduran gov’t believes the exodus is being exploited for political and criminal goals // US President threatened to cut US funds to Honduras and transit countries and close US-Mexico border
➡️ Follow Sandra Cuffe, Maya Averbuch, James Fredrick and Nina Lakhani for English-language reports
⚡ Central American exporters target China’s market
Jimmy Morales keeps immunity thanks to Congress vote// Congress reduces applicable punishments for illegal party financing
⚡ Guatemala joins the UN’s Clean Seas campaign
⚡ Honduran migration continues in waves
⚡ Colombia and Honduras join forces against falling coffee prices
⚡ Family of Berta Cáceres ask to suspend trial for lack of trust in judges // Lawyers of family and COPINH would have been expelled by the court
🗺️El Salvador
⚡El Salvador celebrated its first Catholic Saint, San Romero // Human rights group demand justice for Romero’s assassination
Corruption: El Salvador suspended from international anti-money laundering group // Ex-president Funes would have bribed former Prosecutor to keep immunity // #DevuelvanLoRobado (“give back what’s been stolen”)campaign on Twitter directed at right-wing party ARENA
🗺️Costa Rica
⚡ National survey reports that poverty increased in Costa Rica
Nicaragua accuses Costa Rica of interference in its affairs and criticizes how it handled its massive strikes
Supreme Court opposes tax plan but Government continues to support it, strikes continue
⚡ Belize would have closed its borders to Honduran migrants
⚡Panama and China conclude third round of negotiations
⚡ President Varela talked with US Secretary of State Pompeo about drug trafficking, Venezuela and Nicaragua, and in particular, China’s investments
⚡ Panama destroys almost 7 tons of drugs seized this year
⚡Former President Martinelli, in trial, asked for home detention, Supreme Court refuses again
⚡ Amnesty International points to extrajudicial killings in Nicaragua // Nicaraguan police reiterate they will not allow “illegal” marches // New forms of protest: consumption strike and fuel strike // Banks fear devaluation of currency
IMF to visit Nicaragua, Government hoping for support
🗺️United States
⚡US creates specialized team to combat MS-13, transnational crime and terrorist groups on its soil
Good reads
📰Fact-checking article on Contracorriente about the Honduran exodus (in Spanish).
📰Benjamin Waddell believes that the Nicaraguan diaspora is helping Nicaraguans stand up to President Ortega. On The Conversation.
📰 Heather Gies reports on how unions are supporting TPS holders in the US for InTheseTimes.
For eyes and ears
📷 Photos from San Salvador captured the moment when Oscar Romero was canonized. El Faro.
🎧 Entre Líneas is a podcast covering social progress and corruption in Central America (in Spanish).
📽️The documentary “First Lady of the Revolution” directed by Andrea Kalin (2016) covers Costa Rica’s 1948 revolution through the eyes of Henrietta Boggs, the American lady who had married Don Pepe Figueres before he became president.
📽️Daniel Alvarenga produced a short video on the Honduran caravan for AJ+.
✔️The US recognized Honduran presidential candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez in early 2018 despite electoral observation missions stated irregularities in the presidential election.
Photo of the week
Honduran refugees arrive in Mexico. Fred Ramos / EF Foto
Honduran refugees arrive in Mexico. Fred Ramos / EF Foto
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