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Para la mujer centroamericana.

Dear readers, Welcome to a new week of Central American news. Following news on Central American wome
Central American News
Para la mujer centroamericana.
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Dear readers,
Welcome to a new week of Central American news.
Following news on Central American women’s lives - which are taken away - and rights - which are trampled - can be disheartening. I want to pay an ode to the women from the isthmus.
To the women who fight for political representation in Panama, those who are incarcerated in Nicaragua and the poets of Belize;
To the women who die in the hands of their “lovers” in El Salvador, whose lives cry out for justice amid impunity and to those who leave orphaned children behind in Honduras;
To the Guatemalan girls, who aren’t women yet, and cannot abort when they are raped;
To the women and trans-women who risk their lives and sexual health on the road north;
For all their courage, determination and beauty, la lucha sigue.
PS: I’ll go on reporting trips in the next 30 days - so I apologize for shorter and unstable schedule of the newsletter in the next few weeks. Thank you all for your support!

🗺️ Guatemala
CICIG: Week of protests against end of CICIG mandate // Indigenous peoples from Solalá block freeways // Constitutional Court orders President Morales to respect right to protest // President Morales and vice-president declared persona non grata by USAC university
🗺️ El Salvador
Corruption: Candidate Bukele accused by prosecutors of money laundering // Ex-President Saca condemned to 10 years in prison for graft, to return $260m to the State // Investigations open on alleged embezzlement of Taiwan donation // UN official pressures El Salvador to nominate judges
🗺️ Panama
⚡ After protest and clashes with police, indigenous people from Ngäbe Buglé and gov’t agree on building more roads in region
🗺️ Nicaragua
Thousands march to free political prisoners // Church denounces harassment of Sandinista mobs during mass // three Nicaraguan student leaders detained and accused of terrorism
President Ortega wants to join UN General Assembly meeting and meet President Trump // OAS pressures Nicaragua to hold electoral reform
🗺️ Honduras
International observers to monitor Berta Cáceres trial
⚡Investigation on President of Congress Mauricio Oliva for corruption is suspended
⚡ Politicians discussing amnesty for those detained in post-electoral crisis
🗺️ Belize
$14-million drug bust (an estimated 1,226 pounds of cocaine), a senior policeman implicated
⚡ Concern for human rights of 60 people arrested during last week’s “State of Public Emergency,” as constitutional rights are waived
🗺️ Costa Rica
Strike: Multi-day strike against tax reform, declared illegal by gov’t // 10,000 people marched in San José, tried to enter Parliament // Clashes with police at UCR university and in Limón
🗺️ United States
⚡ Guatemalan baby dies in US detention center
⚡ Att. General Jeff Sessions to add 50% more immigration judges
⚡ US suspends meeting with Salvadoran, Panamanian and Dominican ambassadors on diplomatic ties with China
Good reads
📰 Heather Gies included interesting new farming initiatives in her reporting on El Salvador’s declining agriculture, for Aljazeera.
📰 A good recap on Guatemala’s political crisis, by Nina Lakhani for The Guardian.
📰 Yeiry Guevara listed for Remezcla 10 Central American poets whose work you can easily read online.
📰 For the New York Times, Kirk Semple went to Chivarreto, Guatemala, and reported on the close ties between Guatemala, its diaspora, and the United States.
📰 A candid essay of a catholic priest who tries to convince an ICE officer to not deport a woman, on America Mag.
For eyes and ears
🎧 ¡Puchica Vos! did an episode on the beloved Central American fast-food brand, Pollo Campero. They also talk about other Central American restaurants and stores that have created spaces for Central American communities in Los Angeles.
On September 15, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador will celebrate their independence from the Spanish Crown. Yet this independence was led by a minority of criollos without consulting mestizos and even less so indigenous peoples or afro-descendants. For a column on this, see here (in Spanish).
Photo of the week
Migrant mother and child, from John Moore's book "Undocumented"
Migrant mother and child, from John Moore's book "Undocumented"
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