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Mid-Week Central American News

Dear readers, Welcome to a mid-week, shorter than usual newsletter on Central American news. As you k
Central American News
Mid-Week Central American News
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Dear readers,
Welcome to a mid-week, shorter than usual newsletter on Central American news. As you know, I’m on a couple of reporting trips, which explain the changes.
In other news, I was interviewed by Sam from ¡Puchica Vos! podcast. It was an enriching conversation in which we talked about Central America and the reasons why I’ve created this newsletter. For instance, we discussed how I get around news censorship, the differences between US and Central American media, why China is a growing actor in the isthmus or how #CentralAmericanTwitter influences my work. I hope you enjoy it!

⚡ CICIG: Defying the Constitutional Court’s order, President Morales still forbids Ivan Velasquez, CICIG chief of mission, from entering the country// Guatemala asks UN Secretary General a list of CICIG chief candidates
⚡ Guatemalan politician Manuel Baldizón arrested in the US for money laundering
⚡ 30 indigenous leaders of Mexico an Central America share experiences in the battle against food insecurity at a forum in Guatemala
🗺️ Honduras
⚡ Berta Cáceres trial postponed as judges were formally accused of abuse of authority and a cover-up // Journalist Nina Lakhani, who is covering the trial, is victim of online smear campaign.
🗺️ Nicaragua
⚡ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (OAS) asks Nicaraguan State to protect 114 people in Nicaragua who are at risk of having their rights violated
⚡ Thousands march again to free political prisoners // More revelations of human rights’ violations of paramilitary forces // Human rights organization (Cenidh) tries to make Nicaragua’s “anti-terrorist law” unconstitutional
🗺️ Costa Rica
⚡ General strike against tax reform bill in its second week // Talks between Gov’t and unions may start with the help of the Catholic Church
🗺️ United States
⚡ U.S. to sharply limit refugee flows to 30,000 in 2019
“Anti-corruption [bodies are] not effective on [their] own in ensuring democratic control of politics, society, and economics.
In a country like Guatemala, where the state and organized crime are co-opted and managed by a long-entrenched oligarchy that operates Guatemala as its own personal finca (plantation), CICIG’s anti-corruption efforts are valuable in that they open spaces for social movements to operate more freely,” writes Jacob Lesniewski.
For Ears and Eyes
If you want raw news from Nicaragua, check out Línea Autónoma, the podcast created by Nicaraguan students from the Coordinadora Universitaria por la Democracia y la Justicia.
The only female to fly armed helicopters in UN peacekeeping operations in Mali, Africa, is Salvadoran. Her name is Sandra Hernandez. Read about her here.
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