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La lucha de Centroamérica.

Dear readers, Welcome to another week of Central American news. The fight for human rights, peace and
Central American News
La lucha de Centroamérica.
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Dear readers,
Welcome to another week of Central American news. The fight for human rights, peace and justice continues all around the isthmus.
Panama’s journalists demonstrated for the right to free speech while Belize is trying to handle a surge of violence in its capital.
Salvadoran daughter of El Mozote survivor gets asylum in the US, Guatemala is plunged in a dark time for anti-corruption efforts and Nicaraguans are looking for ways to free political prisoners.
Hondurans are campaigning to bring down DESA in light of Berta Cáceres case and homosexual couples will have to wait longer than expected to get married in Costa Rica.

🗺️ Belize:
⚡ Because of murderous weekend in Belize City, Gov’t declares “state of public emergency” and sends “heavily armed” police to counter gang-violence in two areas of capital
🗺️ Nicaragua:
⚡ “March of the Flags” demonstration last Sunday ends in violence, 2 wounded by para-police
⚡ 24h strike organized on Friday by Alianza Cívica to free political prisoners
UN Security Council discussed Nicaragua despite opposition
⚡ OAS to meet World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank to ensure funds aren’t used for gov’t repression
🗺️ Guatemala:
CICIG: Guatemalans protest end of CICIG’s mandate, other marches planned// Iván Velásquez and other CICIG employees prohibited of re-entering country // US politicians support Morales’ decision, criticize it or promote a “reformed CICIG”
Pro-life and pro-family Guatemalans march
⚡ Guatemalan court confirms suspension of Tahoe mine
Ixil retrial: Plaintiffs conclude that former head of Military Intelligence Rodríguez Sánchez is responsible for classifying the entire Ixil population as an internal enemy
🗺️ Costa Rica:
⚡ Implementation of equal marriage to take longer than 18 months
⚡ Unions plan five-day general strike to pressure national dialogue on fiscal reform
🗺️ Panama:
⚡ Journalists demonstrate against lawsuits directed at them
⚡ Judge cancels corruption case against former Minister Frank De Lima
🗺️ Honduras:
⚡ Gov’t condemns assassination of students who protested after 2017 elections, says aggressors posed as public agents
⚡ Gov’t preparing major anti-gang operation
#BertaCaceres trial to start on September 17, campaign to call “DESA guilty” starts
🗺️ El Salvador:
⚡ Daughter of El Mozote massacre survivor is granted asylum in US
⚡ 224 alleged Barrio 18 gang members detained, property seized
🗺️ Migration/Refugees:
⚡ Panama and Costa Rica join Latin American countries in coordinating for Venezuelan migrants and dismantle a “Chinese migrant trafficking network”
🗺️ United States:
US Ambassadors of El Salvador, Panama and Dominican Republic to report on their countries’ diplomatic relations with China in Washington, DC
Good Reads
📰 In Nómada, Jody García explains the crucial role of Guatemala’s Constitutional Court in the country’s political crisis. (in Spanish)
📰 Benjamin N. Gedan argues that “the White House has surrendered to Guatemala’s corrupt administration,” in Global Americans.
📰 Tim Muth provides a recap on the lawsuits that are challenging TPS cancellation for Salvadorans, Hondurans and Haitians.
📰 Parker Asmann shines a light on how Nicaragua became a safe haven for Central American politicians fleeing justice, on Insight Crime.
For Eyes and Ears
📷 Fred Ramos took stunning portraits of survivors from El Mozote’s massacre El Faro.
Photo of the Week
"Indigenous authorities unite against corruption debacle in Guatemala" - Photo by Sandra Cuffe for Truthout
"Indigenous authorities unite against corruption debacle in Guatemala" - Photo by Sandra Cuffe for Truthout
Almost a quarter of Salvadorans (24.45%) were living abroad in 2017, according to combined data from Pew Research and Worldometer.
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