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CentAm Curator - Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has a supporter in Central America.

Dear readers, Thank you for joining this newsletter. I wasn't expecting so many of you here so quickl
Central American News
CentAm Curator - Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has a supporter in Central America.
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Dear readers,
Thank you for joining this newsletter. I wasn’t expecting so many of you here so quickly – all I can say is that there is a thirst for more Central American news. I am grateful for that.
This week, I have been ruminating on how a government can violently repress its people, be condemned by half the world, and still have sympathizers.
If, like me, you want to understand why a Nicaraguan politician supports President Ortega, read Carlos Dada’s tenacious interview with Jacinto Suárez for El Faro (in Spanish).
Spoiler alert: the upheaval, according to Suárez, has been organized by the United States, narcos and the oligarchy (in this case, Nicaragua’s business people).
Nicaragua’s government also counts on international left-wing friends. For example, Salvadoran President Sánchez Cerén and his party Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) openly endorse Ortega. The reason is the same: the United States are the ones to blame for protests in Nicaragua. 
Yet, a less publicized reason for supporting Ortega’s regime may be that it is hiding an ex-Salvadoran president. Mauricio Funes is tracked down for having $351 million in corruption charges.
To make things more complicated, some Nicaraguan students from the opposition movement have met with top US Republicans and with leading right-wing Salvadoran party. These visits have been used by pro-Ortega people to justify their conspiracy theories about foreign interference.
Regardless whether right-wing parties from the US and El Salvador want to advance their agenda in Nicaragua, there are hard facts we cannot ignore: in three months, there have been more than 300 people dead. And most of them were civilians killed by Ortega’s regime.

⚡ Nicaragua: Gov’t gained control of rebellion stronghold, Masaya//OAS issued resolution for anticipated elections and dismantlement of parapolice groups//Ortega accused Nicaraguan Church leaders of organizing a coup against him.
⚡ El Salvador: Constitutional Chamber compels gov’t to recognize and protect victims of forced internal displacement.
⚡ Guatemala: Children with disability in orphanages and institutions are abused and trafficked, according to Disability Rights International//Guatemala City is planning to build a new metro.
⚡Costa Rica: The president of Supreme Court, Carlos Chinchilla Sandí, retired from his position abruptly following scandal on imported Chinese cement (but should receive handsome retirement benefits).
⚡US: Federal Judge Dana Sabraw ordered US gov’t to wait one week before taking decision to deport reunified families//Migrant children and parents reported more than 200 accounts of “physical and verbal assault, untenable sleeping conditions and unsanitary drinking water,” within US Detention Stations. 
Good reads
📣 In Plaza Pública, Ricardo Barrientos argues that Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales sold Guatemala’s dignity by supporting Jerusalem as Israeli capital in exchange of “flight tickets and fancy dinners,” according to recent investigation (in Spanish).
📰 Sabrina Siddiqui offers a useful summary on ICE’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants in “safe spaces” in the United States for The Guardian
🎓 An interactive map from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras shows information on demographic indicators on Honduras with intuitive user experience.
📣On The Hill, Michael Allison (PhD) argues how the Trump administration is trying to reform, and thereby weaken, Guatemala’s  International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG).
📣Christine Wade (PhD) claims in World Politics Review  (paywall) that a history of impunity directly influences how corruption cases are handled today in El Salvador. Summary on Greg Weeks’ blog.
For eyes and ears
🎥 Univision and The Intercept produced a 42-minute doc on the raid that shook Postville, Iowa, in 2008, called “America First. El legado de una redada migratoria/The Legacy of an Immigration Raid.”
🎥   In a 12-minute video, The Guardian shows how “‘The only way out is through Jesus’: The El Salvador pastors saving MS-13 gang members.”
📷 Photo gallery from Simone Dalmasso and Carmen Quintela Babio: “Nacer, crecer y morir como mujer en Guatemala” on Plaza Pública. The accompanying text by Marta Sandoval is a must-read as well.
✔️July 19 marked the third month of hope, crisis and bloodshed in Nicaragua. It also marked the commemoration of the 39th Anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution.
Photo of the week
Soccer in a pupusería in El Salvador. Photo: Carlos Barrera/El Faro.
Soccer in a pupusería in El Salvador. Photo: Carlos Barrera/El Faro.
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