Sent out every other Wednesday, Cropped is a digest of all the key developments from the intersection between food systems, land use, nature and climate change from the past fortnight. By subscribing you agree for your information to be processed in accordance with Carbon Brief's Privacy Poli... Read more

Sent out every other Wednesday, Cropped is a digest of all the key developments from the intersection between food systems, land use, nature and climate change from the past fortnight.

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Cropped: Deforestation pledges; Food systems at COP27; EU fertiliser communication

At COP27, more than 25 countries joined a Forest and Climate Leaders’ partnership with an aim to end deforestation by 2030. Brazil was missing from this partnership – along with several other notable forested nations – but incoming president-elect Luiz Inácio…


Cropped: Brazilian election results; Africa’s weather extremes; Food systems at COP27

Former Brazilian president Lula bested incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in the country’s runoff election last weekend. Lula’s victory was seen as a victory for the environment, and the president-elect promised to combat deforestation and address hunger.Many parts of …


Cropped: Gabon’s carbon credits; Living Planet report; Agriculture investigations

Gabon announced that it had completed verification of more than 90m tonnes of emission reductions from forests that could enter carbon markets. These credits could fetch an estimated price “between US$25-35” and would go to the second-most-forested nation’s s…


Cropped: UK’s ‘attack on nature’; Hurricane Ian hits crops; Spike in land defender killings

A plan from the UK’s new government to roll back environmental regulations has sparked a fierce backlash, while the country’s biggest power station Drax has also come under fire for sourcing wood from “environmentally important” forests in Canada.Hurricane Ia…


Cropped: Seabed mining ruling; EU import ban; Hunger on the rise

A Nauru-sponsored mining company will test a new method of seabed mining after receiving the go-ahead from the International Seabed Authority. Proponents of deep-sea mining say it is a necessary source of rare metals, while opponents point out the unknown env…


Cropped: Pakistan floods; China’s food security; 100 days to COP15

Pakistan’s ministers warned of a looming food crisis, as nearly half the country’s crops were washed away in extreme flooding. Economists estimated direct crop loss damage at $2.3bn; vegetable prices have spiked by 500%. The flood could force cotton- and whea…


Cropped: Drought deluge; US climate bill tackles farming; Pantanal fires

Drought continued to blight many parts of the world this month, with drought officially declared across large areas of England, record-dry conditions in China and crops decimated in the US. The US passed its most ambitious package of climate measures in histo…


Cropped: Food crisis progress; Irish emissions targets; Amazon deforestation investigation

The first cargo ship carrying Ukrainian grain set sail from Odesa this month, following a historic and closely-watched UN-backed deal. Commodity prices have dropped, but food prices will remain high, experts say.The Irish government set legally binding sector…


Cropped: Heatwaves sweep northern hemisphere; Ukraine-Russia wheat deal; Africa’s conservation congress

Many parts of the northern hemisphere faced devastating heatwaves in recent days, from North America to western Europe and China. The excessive heat sparked serious impacts for food production, land and nature.Ukraine and Russia came to a landmark agreement f…


Cropped: Valuing biodiversity and wild species; Big meat’s forest pledges digested; Oceans and nature-based solutions

The UN’s Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) has released two landmark assessments. The reports point to how billions across the world rely on wild species and how the world needs a “shift away from values …


Cropped: Biodiversity talks; WTO subsidies; EU nature law

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) latest round of talks concluded in Nairobi over the weekend. The negotiations were meant to simplify a once-in-a-decade framework for nature. The talks yielded few outcomes: confirmation that the COP15 summit …


Cropped: LEAF Coalition concerns; Kiwis’ carbon pricing; Biofuel boom

Not-for-profit organisation Amazon Watch has accused the LEAF Coalition – a deforestation initiative widely touted at COP26 – of “greenwashing” and “carbon market colonialism”. The group published a new report that examined the implementation of the programme…


Cropped: Fears for UN biodiversity summit; Food as a war weapon; Commodity flip-flops

A vital set of biodiversity talks face being postponed until 2023 – after already being delayed several times since their initial scheduled time of October 2020. This could put a major deal to reverse nature loss in jeopardy.Several world leaders have accused…


Cropped: Great Barrier Reef bleaching unmasked; Food crisis worsens; World begins land negotiations

A mass bleaching event at the Great Barrier Reef in 2022 affected 91% of corals, according to an official report that commentators say was released quietly in the run-up to Australia’s general election.The global hunger crisis is “exploding”, a UN official wa…


Cropped: UN land report; State of the forests; Indonesia bans palm oil exports

A new report released by the UN Convention to Combat Desertification examined humanity’s impact on the Earth’s land surface. It found that human activity has degraded more than one-third of land cover, with dire consequences for climate change, biodiversity a…


Cropped: Wheat deals; Protein sustainability report; Reneging on rainforest promises

Food prices continued to reach record highs as the war in Ukraine rages on, with corn futures hitting their highest levels since September 2012. Egypt and India struck a deal on wheat imports, while the US rolled back restrictions on higher-ethanol gasoline t…


Cropped: IPCC on how land can tackle climate change; UN nature talks end in stalemate; Ukraine’s agricultural crisis

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report on Monday on how to tackle climate change. Its findings are covered in-depth by Carbon Brief. Protecting existing forests and other ecosystems, sustainable agriculture and balanced and…


Cropped: War sparks food security fears; Geneva biodiversity talks; Mass coral bleaching

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to reverberate through the agricultural sector, exacerbating strain brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and extreme weather around the world. In Europe, some are calling for the bloc to rethink its commitment to susta…


Cropped: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; IPCC report; Palm oil deforestation plunge

Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has shone the spotlight on two countries that are collectively responsible for nearly one-third of the world’s wheat exports. Experts are warning that the ongoing crisis could have negative impacts on food security around t…