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Featuring CM Exclusive tips, weekly updates on TA, bi-weekly on FA. Three issues per week.

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This week’s Eight Global pick: Solana

Solana is a promising Layer-1 blockchain with a vibrant ecosystem and community. Its success can be attributed to its high throughput and low fees, something users appreciate. There are some problems with Solana’s network, however. One of the main downsides o…

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A battle between Bulls and Bears

Now, of course, the question is whether the market has actually bottomed out, or whether we are going to see another downward movement. One fact is that BTC and ETH are currently trading against resistance, while the SPX already broke out last week. The equit…

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Altcoins to Watch: Markets ready for more upside momentum?

Layer 1’s have been seeing a massive sell-off in the past weeks. Primarily due to the fact that Ethereum has been getting sold off significantly, as the chase of the liquidation of some big companies and whales was taking place. Remarkably, altcoins didn’t co…

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This week’s Eight Global picks: Frax Share and LooksRare!

Frax is the first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol. Fractional-algorithmic means that the stablecoin is pegged to the value of a single dollar by utilizing collateral backing, combined with a proactive algorithm that tries to keep the price within c…

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Do we have upside potential after a volatile weekend?

The close of the weekly candle meant that another red weekly candle has been created on the chart. Due to the heavy volatility we have seen over the weekend, we have closed the weekly candle below the 200MA. Previously this moving average has acted as support…

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Are we making up for a green weekend?

The chart of the S&P500 has been the same for weeks, namely in a strong downtrend which is taking the crypto market down with it. Nothing has changed in this situation, and the price is still making lower highs and lower lows. In addition, the dollar (DXY…

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Bitcoin overview and future developments

First, let’s consider Bitcoin. This network sparked the wave of blockchains with a token. In January of 2009, the Bitcoin network launched and since initiation it only went down 2 times. Once in 2010 and once in 2013. Those were very brief moments and apart f…

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Bear market, the cause and what should you do?

Last Friday, we already zoomed in on the results of the CPI data, and next Wednesday another FOMC (14:00 EST) meeting is scheduled in which the FED will announce possible new measures. What we often see happening is that there is a lot of uncertainty in the m…

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CPI data is worse than expected for June, what are the expectations of the markets?

The CPI data came out today and it wasn’t positive. Year-over-year landed at 8.6%, while the actual expected number was 8.3%. The month-over-month number came in at 1.0%, while the expectations were that it would be 0.7%.This is worse than anticipated, as the…

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Chainlink staking is finally coming, what is it and what could it mean for the price of LINK?

Chainlink is critical for the functioning of DeFi protocols. Smart contracts often require external data such as price fees in order to work properly, think of a money markets DeFi protocol determining at which token price users will get liquidated. Such data…

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The market is consolidating, what can we expect to happen from here? And how about altcoins?

In the chart above, I show what the sentiment is like at what point in time. On the left near the green arrow, everyone was euphoric due to the fact that crypto was having an incredibly good season. Everyone made nice profits and 100% of the BTC addresses wer…

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This week’s Eight Global picks: Illuvium and Immutable X!

Illuvium has been under development for over a year now. They have launched a token to raise money and transition control over to the community. So far that has been a huge success and the community had a say in the direction of the project since. The Illuviu…

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Can we expect a green week for BTC?

The reason for the strong move of the S&P500 is probably because the DXY is continuing to show weakness. This continuation is happening due to the Euro that is showing strength. The Euro is acting strong in comparison to the dollar because we will probabl…

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Altcoins are in a bear market, but what are the expectations?

What does that tell you about the current state of the markets? Overall, the markets have been getting an impact by the macro-economic environment, which resulted in a cascade across markets. Crypto has been suffering from this impact, but technology stocks h…

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TRON is trending! Learn why!

The Tron ecosystemLike we stated in our intro, Tron as a smart contract platform is used a lot….. Or is it? Because if you look at DeFi Llama, one of the best crypto ecosystem analytics dashboards, you find out that Tron is actually the third largest chain in…

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Is a big move right around the corner for BTC?

Last weekend, on the other hand, we saw some green in the market again. Left and right altcoins made nice upward moves, and setups played out nicely. Actually something we haven't seen for many weekends in a row, as the price action over the weekend was just …

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ETH prospects & fundamental catalysts

Since the peak in November 2021, over $1.5 trillion has left the crypto market. This means actually left and is not sitting in stablecoins. Already, some extreme bearish voices are raised on social media platforms with people saying “I told you crypto was a s…

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This week’s Eight Global picks: Bancor and MakerDAO!

(FA) We have discussed Bancor in the past in anticipation of Bancor v3, the third major protocol upgrade. Since then, the upgrade has been implemented on May 11th and we thought we would highlight some of the changes and how Bancor has been performing since. …