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Amazon buys Premier League rights @CDM Digital Sport - Issue #34

...And then it happened, Amazon and Premier League signed a deal that allows the e-commerce giant (sh
Amazon buys Premier League rights @CDM Digital Sport - Issue #34
By Carlo De Marchis @CDM • Issue #34 • View online
…And then it happened, Amazon and Premier League signed a deal that allows the e-commerce giant (should we still call them like that?) to show 20 games exclusively in the UK and Ireland on Amazon Prime Video from the 2019/2020 season, which was Package F of the rights model.
Awarded matches include one Bank Holiday, set to be Boxing Day, and one-midweek fixture programme, so two sets of 10 matches, showing all teams.
  • What does it mean for Amazon? 
    After having already bought US Open tennis and NFL games this is another step (not a huge one) in entering live sports. Will two days of Premier League substantially increase Amazon Prime subscribers? Will see. But remember this is not a normal media company, this is like putting a mega-screen in the middle of a supermarket. Think CLV: Customer Lifetime Value.
  • What does it mean for the Premier League?
    The much anticipated “FAANG” effect on this rights cycle was not as huge in terms of value as expected but in the end, the league was able to attract the possibly most exciting player to the table. It establishes the EPL as leading the field in this area for now.
  • What does it mean for other leagues and football in general?
    It creates a precedent, something other leagues or events could look at and experiment with. It’s also saying: do not expect huge bets from Amazon for now.
  • What does it mean for fans?
    For those in the UK and Ireland who want to watch all Premier League, it means they will need to have three subscriptions BT Sport, SKY Sports and Amazon Prime Video. Will they do it for two matchdays only? Well,  they can have free shipping all year round then :)
Rights packages recap
  • Package A: 32 matches, Sat 12.30pm BT SPORT
  • Package B: 32 matches, Sat 5.30pm SKY SPORTS
  • Package C: 24 matches, Sun 2pm, 8 matches Sat 7.45pm SKY SPORTS
  • Package D: 32 matches, Sun 4.30pm SKY SPORTS
  • Package E: 24 matches, Mon 8pm or Fri 7.30-8pm; 8 matches Sun 2pm SKY SPORTS
  • Package F: All 20 matches, from one Bank Holiday and one midweek fixture programme AMAZON
  • Package G: All 20 matches, from two midweek fixture programmes. BT SPORT

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